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Corporate Parenting Committee

Purpose of committee


The purpose of the committee is:


·  To secure real and sustained improvements in the life chances of looked after children, and to work within an annual programme to that end


·  To develop, monitor and review a corporate parenting strategy and work plan


·  To seek to ensure that the life chances of looked after children are maximised in terms of health educational attainment, and access to training and employment, to aid the transition to a secure and productive adulthood


·  To develop and co-ordinate a life chances strategy and work plan to improve the life chances of Southwark looked after children


·  To recommend ways in which more integrated services can be developed across all council departments, schools and the voluntary sector to lead towards better outcomes for looked after children


·  To ensure that mechanisms are in place to enable looked after children and young people to play an integral role in service planning and design, and that their views are regularly sought and acted upon


·  To ensure performance monitoring systems are in place, and regularly review performance data to ensure sustained performance improvements in outcomes for looked after children


·  To receive an annual report on the adoption and fostering services to monitor their effectiveness in providing safe and secure care for looked after children


·  To report to the council’s executive on a yearly basis


·  To make recommendations to the relevant executive decision maker where responsibility for that particular function rests with the executive


·  To report to the scrutiny sub-committee with responsibility for children’s services after each meeting


·  To appoint non-voting co-opted members


The corporate parenting committee meets on average four times a year at the Council Offices at 160 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QH unless indicated otherwise.


Contact information

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