Agenda and minutes

Peckham and Nunhead Community Council - Monday 30 September 2013 7.00 pm

Venue: Harris Academy Peckham, 112 Peckham Road, London SE15 5DZ

Contact: Beverley Olamijulo, telephone 020 7525 7234 email 

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Introduction and welcome

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    The chair welcomed councillors, members of the public and officers to the meeting and thanked the youth community council for also being in attendance.


    The chair thanked Harris Academy Peckham for hosting the meeting at the academy.  A student at the academy sang as part of the meeting interlude.



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    There were apologies for absence from Councillors Chris Brown, Victoria Mills and Catherine McDonald.  An apology for lateness was received from Councillor Renata Hamvas.


Disclosure of members' interests and dispensations

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    Members are asked to declare any interest or dispensation and the nature of that interest or dispensation which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting.


    There were none.


Items of business that the Chair deems urgent

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    The chair to advise whether they have agreed to any item of urgent business being admitted to the agenda.


    There were none.


Minutes from the previous meetings

7.10 pm


Deputation presentation

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    The chair to advise on any other deputations or petitions received.


    • Deputation request – review of public conveniences in Rye Lane.

    Supporting documents:




    That the joint deputation request from Peckham Vision and Rye Lane Traders Association be heard.


    The chair explained that the spokesperson for the deputation would be given five minutes to speak followed by questions for five minutes.


    Eileen Conn, spokesperson for the deputation addressed the meeting and said that Peckham’s wide shopping area was in urgent need of public toilets and a solution had to be found for this.  Although there was a public toilet in the vicinity it was not pleasant to use.  The spokesperson felt this was the right time to raise the issue because of the major works that were due to take place in the area.  The deputation handed a petition to the community council which contained a number of signatures in support of public toilets.


    The deputation spokesperson requested that members look at these issues with both groups and support the urgent need for public toilets with a report back at the next community council meeting.


    Following questions, councillors highlighted the upkeep of the toilets around Peckham Rye train station could be responsibility of Network Rail and where the ideal location be for the toilets would be, how it could fit in with the  regeneration that was currently taking place.  Councillors stated that this seemed to be a real issue during the day which gradually had become worse. A suggestion was made about the toilets being warden controlled.


    It was noted that the council were in contact with Network Rail concerning the toilets within Peckham Rye station but no decision had been made about the surrounding area.  In addition, council officers were due to meet with representatives of Peckham Vision about this and the area’s regeneration as a whole.


    The chair thanked Peckham Vision and Rye Lane Traders Association for their deputation.

7.25 pm


Community announcements and presentations

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    ·  An announcement about the community council fund.


    ·  The launch of the Cleaner Greener Safer capital and revenue funding programmes 2014 – 2015.


    ·  Short presentation from Peckham Space.


    ·  Police and community safety updates.


    ·  The NHS is changing: Tell us how we can help people stay healthy.




    Southwark Civic Awards


    Eddie Wilcox announced that nominations for volunteers for the Southwark Civic Awards would be available shortly.  New nomination forms were to be published at the end of September 2013. He urged people to fill them in if they wanted to nominate anyone from the community.


    Mr Wilcox explained how the awards were first introduced which was about civic pride and recognising community links within the borough. 


    The awards are presented by the current Mayor and past mayors.  The categories were as follows:


    ·  Letters of commendation

    ·  Special Award for Civic Responsibility

    ·  Honorary Liberties of the Old Metropolitan Boroughs

    ·  Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey

    ·  Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Southwark

    ·  Lifetime Achievement Award

    ·  Mayor’s Award


    People were encouraged to check the council’s website and public libraries


    Community council fund


    Marian Farrugia, Community Council Development Officer announced that Southwark’s community councils have a total of £122,000 to support community activities run by local groups for people in the borough.  Applications would be open in November 2013.  People were told to keep their eyes and ears open for further information. ‘community council fund’


    Peckham Space


    Emily Druiff from Peckham Space spoke about the project which was a gallery based in Peckham Square and funded by the College of Arts.  It would also soon be registered as a charity.  Part of that process would mean changing the name.  Emily said they were gathering a shortlist of names and invited people to speak to them during the break as a way of “having your say” to give ideas on the names.


    Police and community safety updates


    Inspector Neil Cook from the Police’s south east cluster spoke about his role and advised that he had the responsibility of 5 teams which would shortly have additional police officers.  He made himself available during the break so people had an opportunity to speak to him. After making note of the deputation Inspector Cook said with regard public streets being used as toilets around Rye Lane he could be monitored by the police during patrols.


    He addressed the meeting about the current arrangements under the new policing model.  The previous policing model had one sergeant, a police constable and two PCSOs.  He said the new policing model would have a sergeant, a police constable and 6 to 8 beat officers and a 24 hour response team.

    Following questions, Inspector Cook confirmed that Livesey ward had not been at full strength however this was being looked at. He also acknowledged that there had been some difficulty with reporting on mobile phones and land lines which was being addressed.


    Launch of Cleaner Greener Safer (CGS) capital and revenue funding programmes


    Michelle Normanly, CGS Project Officer announced that the cleaner greener safer funding programmes for 2014 – 2015 would be launched shortly. 


    Michelle gave a brief overview of the programme which has been running since 2003.  Michelle also provided the meeting with a power point presentation which illustrated some successful CGS projects that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.

7.55 pm


Budget Consultation - Southwark spending challenge 2014 -2015

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    ·  Brief introduction from the cabinet member for finance, resources and community safety, Councillor Richard Livingstone.


    ·  Let’s talk about how the council spends your money.


    ·  Where would you make the savings?



    The budget consultation in relation to the council’s spending challenge for the next two years was introduced by the cabinet member for resources and community safety, Councillor Richard Livingstone.


    Councillor Livingstone spoke about the savings that were made back in 2010 and the services which needed to be looked at in the next round of cuts in 2014.  He mentioned that Southwark had a high level of need compared to most local authorities in other parts of the country.  Councillor Livingstone said as part of the budget consultation process, he asked residents to give their views on the services they felt needed protecting. 


    Information on the eight services provided by the council was circulated at the meeting which included the current level of spending within the council departments. Display boards which provided illustrations of this were around the meeting hall.  Residents were given a demonstration on how they could vote for the eight services by using the red cheques that referred to savings in order to reduce expenditure asking them to place them in the boxes provided.  The green cheques referred to the type of services which were important to them and the community as a whole. 


    The council was looking to make a further £23m savings in 2014/2015 and 7% savings target would be aimed for next year.  It was noted that the revenue budget would be set at council assembly on 26 February 2014.


    Further updates would be given at a future meeting.

8.35 pm


Budget Consultation feedback

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    After the break, Councillor Livingstone thanked those that contributed in the consultation process.  He confirmed the voting process revealed that people felt there should be no cuts in the council’s children’s and adult’s services.  Councillor Livingstone confirmed that although further cuts were inevitable in the coming years; he took on board the difficulty this would cause for people especially where council services were going to be affected.  He thanked residents for their contribution and participation in the consultation exercise.

8.40 pm


Budget Monitoring

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    ·  Community council attendance monitoring forms.


    Marian Farrugia, Community Council Development Officer explained that the monitoring and evaluation forms were available at the back of the hall for people to complete at the meeting.  Marian said the council wanted to ensure that they were targeting a much wider audience particularly people from the disadvantaged groups, young people and BME communities.  Marian urged residents to complete the forms and hand them to her after the meeting.

8.45 pm


Public question time

    A public question form is included on page 31.


    This is an opportunity for public questions to be addressed to the chair. Residents or persons working in the borough may ask questions on any matter in relation to which the council has powers or duties.


    Responses may be supplied in writing following the meeting.



    Supporting documents:



    A local resident of Nunhead Grove: My question relates to pubs that are located in residential areas, because where I live there has been constant noise and the use of drugs outside my home which the licensing and noise teams were aware of.  Many residents are worried as well and would want to complain to the council but are afraid of reprisals?  The resident requested that the doors and windows are kept closed at all times.



    Councillor Chopra stated that he’s aware there were complaints about this licensed premises and council officers had visited the premises numerous times.  He said the licence could be reviewed by the council if there was clear evidence that there were breaches.  The council also has powers to revoke, suspend or have restrictions imposed on their licence if they had breached their conditions.  He agreed to speak to officers about this.



    A local resident of Rye Lane: My question relates to reported incidences to the council and the food standards agency concerning some traders along Rye Lane who have not complied with food regulations?  The council should strongly enforce the regulations and conditions particularly where traders were in breach of trading standard regulations and those not considered to be a fit and proper person.



    Councillor Livingstone stated that these issues needed to be addressed particularly with traders’ “food standards score” and requested through the chair that the topic be addressed at a future community council meeting.



    Local resident referred to licensed premises in the area and report any high levels of noise could create some tension between the licensee and complainant?



    The licensing team and noise team monitor and investigate any high levels of music or noise with people entering and exiting licensed premises.



    A local resident raised the issue of saturation zones in the borough and how those applications were determined when applying for a liquor licence.



    Applications within the saturation zones are dealt with at the licensing sub-committee when there are objections to the licence.  If no objections were lodged, decisions were then considered through delegated authority.



    A local resident of Cossall Estate referred to concerns about the district heating systems on the Cossall Estate, where there had been unnecessary heat loss during warmer months of the year resulting in a waste of energy and not being able to control the levels of heating?  Another Cossall Estate resident referred to the poor condition of the galvanised water tank on the estate.



    The chair suggested this matter should be brought forward as a community council question at the next council assembly meeting.


    Speeding vehicles in Underhill Road and the danger this would be to local residents and children. There are two signs in the whole of Underhill Road to indicate that this is a 20mph zone?



    Response from the Sustainable Transport & Road Safety team:


    Traffic calming and signage in Underhill Road was implemented in accordance to the Department of Transport  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.

8.50 pm


Community Council Question to Council Assembly

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    Each community council may submit one question to a council assembly meeting that has previously been considered and noted by the community council.


    Any question to be submitted from a community council to council assembly should first be the subject of discussion at a community council meeting. The subject matter and question should be clearly noted in the community council’s minutes and thereafter the agreed question can be referred to the constitutional team.


    The community council is invited to consider if it wishes to submit a question to the ordinary meeting of council assembly on 16 October 2013.


    The following community council question to council assembly was submitted and agreed at the meeting:


    “Residents and leaseholders on the Cossall and Gloucester Estates, who are specifically dependent on the district heating model for their heating, are currently suffering erratic fluctuations in heat gain and loss and an unnecessary waste of energy. 


    Therefore, what is the council doing about addressing this problem with the view of saving energy costs borough wide?”


    The chair announced a response to the above question would be given at the next meeting.

8.55 pm


Community Council Fund - underspend

9.05 pm


Local parking amendments

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    Executive Function


    Members to consider the local parking schemes contained within the report.


    Supporting documents:


    Note: This item is an executive function


    Members considered the information contained in the report.





    That the following local parking amendments, detailed in the appendices of the report be approved for implementation subject to the outcome of any necessary statutory procedures:



    ·  Naylor Road – installation of one disabled persons’ (blue badge) parking bay.


    ·  Ivydale Road (No.7)   installation of one disabled persons’ (blue badge) parking bay


    ·  Ivydale Street (No. 107) – installation of one disabled persons’

    (blue badge) parking bay


    ·  Stuart Road – installation of one disabled persons’ (blue badge) parking bay


    ·  St Aidan’s Road – installation of one disabled persons’ (blue badge) parking bay


    ·  Machell Road– installation of one disabled persons’ (blue badge) parking bay


    ·  Kimberley Road– installation of one disabled persons’ (blue badge) parking bay


    ·  Forest Hill Road – to extend the existing double yellow lines to the bus stop to improve sight lines at the junction with Honor Oak Rise


    ·  Elm Grove – the removal of one permit space and the installation of a double yellow line to provide access to a planned new dropped kerb and vehicle crossover leading to No.52.


    ·  Rye Lane – change the existing destination disabled parking place to a dual use (loading or disabled) place.

9.10 pm


Community Council Highways Capital Investment 2013 - 2014

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    Note:  This is an executive function


    Members to consider recommendations contained within the report.

    Supporting documents:


    Note: This item is an executive function


    Members considered the information contained in the report.





    1.  That allocation of community council highways capital investment funding for the following applications be approved:


      Proposal  Amount 


    ·  Homeleigh Road  £19,000

    ·  Lyndhurst Way – Chadwick to Hollydale Road  £43,566

    ·  Montpelier Road (West side only)  £17, 678

    ·  Denman Road  £40,078

    ·  Willowbrook Road  £40,000

    ·  Limesford Road  £33,989

    ·  Oakdale Road  £6,000

    ·  Kelvington Road  £36,973


      Total: £200,311 


      Note: £19,920 over budget, officers suggested the Homeleigh Road   scheme be dropped.


    2.  A further report on the highways capital investment funding will be referred to the next meeting to readdress the highways budget and schemes.