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Public question time

A public question form is included on page 31.


This is an opportunity for public questions to be addressed to the chair. Residents or persons working in the borough may ask questions on any matter in relation to which the council has powers or duties.


Responses may be supplied in writing following the meeting.





A local resident of Nunhead Grove: My question relates to pubs that are located in residential areas, because where I live there has been constant noise and the use of drugs outside my home which the licensing and noise teams were aware of.  Many residents are worried as well and would want to complain to the council but are afraid of reprisals?  The resident requested that the doors and windows are kept closed at all times.



Councillor Chopra stated that he’s aware there were complaints about this licensed premises and council officers had visited the premises numerous times.  He said the licence could be reviewed by the council if there was clear evidence that there were breaches.  The council also has powers to revoke, suspend or have restrictions imposed on their licence if they had breached their conditions.  He agreed to speak to officers about this.



A local resident of Rye Lane: My question relates to reported incidences to the council and the food standards agency concerning some traders along Rye Lane who have not complied with food regulations?  The council should strongly enforce the regulations and conditions particularly where traders were in breach of trading standard regulations and those not considered to be a fit and proper person.



Councillor Livingstone stated that these issues needed to be addressed particularly with traders’ “food standards score” and requested through the chair that the topic be addressed at a future community council meeting.



Local resident referred to licensed premises in the area and report any high levels of noise could create some tension between the licensee and complainant?



The licensing team and noise team monitor and investigate any high levels of music or noise with people entering and exiting licensed premises.



A local resident raised the issue of saturation zones in the borough and how those applications were determined when applying for a liquor licence.



Applications within the saturation zones are dealt with at the licensing sub-committee when there are objections to the licence.  If no objections were lodged, decisions were then considered through delegated authority.



A local resident of Cossall Estate referred to concerns about the district heating systems on the Cossall Estate, where there had been unnecessary heat loss during warmer months of the year resulting in a waste of energy and not being able to control the levels of heating?  Another Cossall Estate resident referred to the poor condition of the galvanised water tank on the estate.



The chair suggested this matter should be brought forward as a community council question at the next council assembly meeting.


Speeding vehicles in Underhill Road and the danger this would be to local residents and children. There are two signs in the whole of Underhill Road to indicate that this is a 20mph zone?



Response from the Sustainable Transport & Road Safety team:


Traffic calming and signage in Underhill Road was implemented in accordance to the Department of Transport strict design guidance and regulations.  Officers need more time to see if a recent traffic / speed count was carried out in the area, to look at the collision record for the road and check the travel plans of nearby schools to see whether this has been raised as a concern.

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