Agenda and minutes

Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council
Saturday 30 January 2016 2.30 pm

Venue: Pembroke House Community Centre & St. Christopher’s Church, 80 Tatum Street, London SE17 1QR

Contact: Gerald Gohler, Constitutional Officer 

Note No. Item


Preliminary business


Welcome and introductions




Disclosure of members' interests and dispensations


Items of business that the Chair deems urgent


    The chair drew the meeting’s attention to the supplementary agenda No.1, which had been circulated and which contained an addendum regarding item 4.2 “Cleaner Greener Safer Capital Fund 2016-17” and a new item, 4.11 “Parking amendments and estate parking scheme - Rockingham Estate.”





Theme - Young local champions

    Councillor Vicky Mills, Cabinet Member for Children and Schools, to introduce this item.


    The chair welcomed the different groups, who were going to speak, and Councillor Victoria Mills, cabinet member for children and schools, who introduced the item.


    In response to questions from the floor, Councillor Mills said that the council was doing its best to minimise the impact of central government cuts on services for young people in the coming financial year. She went on to clarify that the 75% subsidy for apprenticeships was paid to small and voluntary sector organisations, not large businesses. Engaging with young people about the different programmes that were available was a task for both the council and voluntary sector groups.


Young local champions

    Among the speakers:


    ·  The Construction Youth Trust Training Centre

    ·  Coin Street Community Builders

    ·  Southwark Safer Neighbourhood Board / MOPAC

    ·  Walworth Wanderers FC

    ·  Community Cycleworks

    ·  Access UK




    Anna Walterskotter, London regional operations manager for the Construction Youth Trust, gave an overview of the organisation’s activities designed to get young people into the building trade, or into a professional career in the building industry.


    Laura Reynolds from Coin Street Community Builders spoke about a programme aimed at young people gaining a qualification and creating community cohesion.  The meeting heard it was important for groups to work together, so that they did not chase the same participants, and so resources were used to the best possible effect.


    Suley Muhidin, a former Southwark council apprentice, now a council officer, reported back about his career in the council and spoke about steps the council could take to be more engaging to young people.


    A representative from Walworth Wanderers FC spoke about the football and coaching training the club provided to young people of different age ranges.


    A representative from Community Cycle Works informed the meeting about the successful cycle workshops they were running, some of which were in partnership with Southwark primary schools.


    Nichola Hughes from IntoUniversity outlined the services provided by the organisation to local young people. It helped them think about their professional future and included workshops, homework help and mentoring.


    A representative of Young Stars football club spoke about their organisation and the coaching and training programmes they ran for young people.


    A representative from Access UK told the meeting about the organisation which focuses on providing careers advice and guidance for 16-24-year-olds from black and minority ethnic (BME) communities. More information at:


    Elena Noel and Salim Nazir from Southwark Safer Neighbourhoods Board, spoke about how the board held the local police to account. The focus of their next meeting was on the empowerment of young people. The organisation also worked with organisations like the Somali Cultural Centre in order to reach young people from all backgrounds.


    Marcus Suitor from the Neighbourhood Watch Association told the meeting that people needed to come together to make better communities for all, and urged especially young people to get involved in neighbourhood watch groups.


    Responding to a question from the floor, the chair said that information about all the groups who had spoken in this section would be made available on the community council’s webpages. He went on to say that young people’s issues, and especially their positive contributions, would continue to feature on future community council agendas.


    The chair also explained that groups could not rely on community council funding every year, and encouraged them to look further afield for funding opportunities.



Community Engagement items


Community announcements

    ·  Metropolitan police  


    Inspector Martin Nicholson from the Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhoods team informed the meeting that one of their priorities in relation to young people was steering them away from knife crime. The numbers of burglaries, robberies, theft and car crime had come down, but violent crime in the area had increased. Two teams - a small team focused on knife crime based at the Elephant and Castle, and one focused on London Bridge - had been put in place. The London Bridge team consisted of one sergeant and eight officers drawn from the local cluster. Responding to questions from the floor, Inspector Nicholson said, that the Met had put in place plans to counter terrorist attacks following the attacks in Paris.


    Note: The meeting took a break from 4.30pm to 4.40pm.


    Councillor Adele Morris informed the meeting that a consultation by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority about making savings of £6.4m for 2016-17 was currently underway.


    Councillor Eleanor Kerslake updated the meeting about the crown post office on Walworth Road and the proposal to turn it into a franchise. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) union opposed this and had raised concerns about a future loss of community use, the deterioration of service, the loss of space and accessibility, and a fall in passing custom for other retailers. The CWU asked the meeting to support its aim of getting the Post Office to reverse its decision. The local MP and the cabinet member had agreed to raise these concerns with the post office. She encouraged anyone concerned about the changes to speak to her or her fellow Newington ward councillors.


    The chair announced an exhibition about the Old Kent Road was currently showing at Mardyke House, Crosslet Street, SE17.


    Father David Evans from Pembroke House welcomed the community council back and outlined some of the programmes and activities that were offered at Pembroke House and aimed at young people, such as English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) classes, a music academy for young people, choral singing, a drawing school, dance and theatre, outreach and IntoUniversity. The projects fell into three broad groups: long-term learning, reducing social isolation and health and mental health. Soon there would also be a full-time worker seconded from SLAM for 3-5 years.


    A representative of the Bankside Residents Forum informed the meeting that there would be an open forum on Tuesday 2 February 2016 from 2pm to 9pm at 18 Great Guildford Street, London, SE1 0TF. The meeting would look at the new Southwark plan and how it affected the area.


Petitions and Deputations


Public Question Time

    This is an opportunity for public questions to be addressed to the chair.


    Residents or persons working in the borough may ask questions on any matter in relation to which the council has powers or duties.


    Responses may be supplied in writing following the meeting.


    Supporting documents:


    In response to a public question, Councillor Darren Merrill, cabinet member for environment and the public realm, said that having announced the start of the consultation at the last meeting, the changes to the commercial bins on Walworth Road were scheduled to be implemented by the following Monday. Their introduction had been delayed for legal reasons.


    Councillor Merrill also explained that match-funding from the Greater London Authority (GLA) had been secured for the purchase of new gazebos and stalls for East Street market. At the moment trials were running in part of the market to test out an alternative layout. Enforcement notices had been served on shops that had encroached on the pavement. This was a pilot and, if successful, could be rolled out to other roads, for example the Old Kent Road. Cafés and restaurants which used pavements to put up tables and chairs, or to put out bins, in breach of their licence or planning permission should be reported to the council’s enforcement team.


    The chair said the new market manager would be invited to a future meeting to explain the strategy and changes around East Street.


    In response to a question about moving bus stops for the 343 bus at Elephant and Castle, the chair responded that he had written to Transport for London (TfL) and was waiting to hear back. The meeting heard that TfL should attend a future meeting to give clear updates.


    The following public question was also asked:


    ·  How many deaf and hard-of-hearing people are there in the borough, and in East Walworth ward?


    In relation to the above question the chair said he would speak to the enquirer regarding support for people who have deaf relatives and would like to learn to use sign language.


    The following public question was submitted in writing:


    ·  “Could it please be explained when and how TfL and Southwark Council will review the effects of the highway changes at the Elephant & Castle, with a full description of the methodology to be used for any such review, with particular regard  to:

    o  the operations of London buses and the costs and inconvenience to bus passengers arising from additional delays caused by the changes;


    o  pollution resulting from additional queuing traffic on approach roads to the Elephant & Castle;


    o  additional costs to highway users, and the local economy, arising from the delays;


    o  what aspects of the new highway lay-out could be modified in order to relieve any unacceptable costs arising form the above and other factors ?”




Official council business


Cleaner Greener Safer Capital Fund - funding reallocation


Cleaner Greener Safer Capital Fund 2016-17

    NOTE: This is an executive function.


    Councillors to consider the information contained in the report.


    Supporting documents:


    Note: This is an executive function for decision by the community council.


    Andrea Allen, senior project manager, introduced the item.


    The members of the community council considered the information contained in the report.




    That the following funds for the 2016-17 Cleaner Greener Safer capital programme in the Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council area be approved:


    Cathedrals ward 


    Lucy Brown House - bike shed   




    Clean and Safe Counter Court 




    Elliott's Row pocket park playground improvements 




    Princess Street SE1 grot spot new brick planter 




    Blooming Great Suffolk Street Parade 




    Borough Road Community Safety Improvements 




    Copperfield Street Community Garden: Raised bed planting scheme 






    Chaucer ward


    Whitworth play court renewal 




    Albert Barnes bicycle lockers 




    Improving Newall House 




    Meadow Row accessibility   




    Making Meakin More 




    Symington Car Park 




    Young Stars Academy 




    Medieval Garden for St George the Martyr 




    Eynsford House Garden   




    Improvements for Haddonhall Estate (Potier Street and Prioress Street) – merging applications 504317, 536113, 533977 and identifying priority work (road resurfacing, landscaping and cycle storage):   




    East Walworth ward


    Congreve and Barlow Estate Bicycle Storage - Boarley House 



    Alvey Estate Playground Phase 2   




    Street signs to Pembroke House 




    Pembroke House: toilet and wash-hand basin for Community Garden   




    Grow Elephant Community Garden Facilities Improvements 




    Comus House Recycling Area 




    Community Football Club   




    Victory Community Park 





    Faraday ward 



    3/4 fencing for recycle bin/repair existing fencing 




    Missenden Play Area Aylesbury Estate 




    Soane House community garden 




    Safe and Dry cycle parking on Aylesbury Road, Walworth 




    Bike Hangers for Walworth Area 




    Bridport Gardens Improvement Project 




    Kingston Estate Play Area 




    Liverpool Grove Improvements Design Stage 




    Liverpool Grove - Octavia Hill Estate Planting   




    Touching Lives 




    InSpired Spaces 




    Newington ward


    Slade Walk Planting Area 




    Eglington bike storage 




    Slade Square planting and greening   




    Additional equipment for the existing children’s play area (Brandon Estate) 




    Rutley Close lighting   




    Upgrading Lighting and Security of the British Legion community club 




    Olney Road Garden Project Fencing 




    Ambergate Street Garden Project additional funding 




    Greener Draper 2016 




    Peacock Street planters 




    Walworth Society Green Link Heritage Entrance to Sturgeon Road 




    Penton Place (south end) secure cycle storage 




    Edible Beds Flowers and Herbs (Brandon 2) 




    In response to a comment from the floor, Andrea Allen, senior project manager, said she would liaise with Northfield House residents, the Friary Estate tenants’ and residents’ association (TRA) and Brandon 3 residents regarding the positions of the bike lockers.


    The chair explained that if there was an underspend, a decision for reallocation would be brought back to the meeting. 


    At this point Councillor Lauder left the meeting (5.25pm). 


Community Council Question to Council Assembly

    Each community council may submit one question to a council assembly meeting that has previously been considered and noted by the community council.


    Any question to be submitted from a community council to council assembly should first be the subject of discussion at a community council meeting. The subject matter and question should be clearly noted in the community council’s minutes and thereafter the agreed question can be referred to the constitutional team.


    The community council is invited to consider if it wishes to submit a question to the ordinary meeting of council assembly on 16 March 2016.


    Members of the community council discussed a possible question to be sent to the meeting of council assembly on 16 March 2016.



    That the following question be submitted to council assembly as the official community council question:

    “Could the cabinet member give an update regarding the proposals for the changes to East Street?”


Devolved Highways Budget 2014-2015

    NOTE: This is an executive function.


    Councillors to consider the information contained in the report.

    Supporting documents:


    Note: This is an executive function for decision by the community council.

    Members of the community council discussed the information set out in the report.




    1. That the following schemes be funded:


    Newington ward 

    Footway repairs for Alberta and Ambergate Street  £15,234 (subject to sufficient  funding being available) 


    East Walworth ward

    Carriageway and footway surface repairs and footway realignments in Larcom Street, King and Queen Street and Morecambe Street. (Cost to be established) 


    1. That the funding for Faraday ward be rolled over into the 2016-17 budget. 


Local Parking amendments - Bus stand Waterloo Road

    NOTE: This is an executive function.


    Councillors to consider the information contained in the report.

    Supporting documents:


    Note: This is an executive function for decision by the community council.


    Members of the community council discussed the contents of the report and the representations from residents they had received. A representative of the tour operator and Steve Kearns from TfL addressed the meeting and answered councillors’ questions.


    A motion to defer the item to the next meeting was proposed, but withdrawn after further discussion.


    In response to a question from the chair, Steve Kearns said that if there were new complaints from residents or councillors about the proposed arrangements, the item could be brought back to community council for review. 




    That the bus stand located outside 300 Waterloo Road be retained on-street indefinitely, subject to the controller currently in place at the location being based there permanently


Local traffic and parking amendments - The introduction of parking measures in Southwark's leisure centre car parks


Local traffic and parking amendments


C2 CPZ parking review


The Mint conservation area and the proposed Walworth Road Conservation Area

    Councillors to comment on the information contained in the report.

    Supporting documents:


    Councillors discussed the information and recommendations set out in the report.


    Tracy Chapman, team leader design & conservation, explained that the consultation for The Mint conservation area would end in 12 weeks and would include a public consultation meeting at St George, the Martyr on 4 February 2016. 


    Michael Tsoukaris, group manager design & conservation, explained that the inclusion of the Tankard pub into the Walworth Road conservation area was a minor adjustment which could be accommodated. The row of Victorian houses in Hampton Street were of merit and had already been covered in the Elephant and Castle supplementary planning document (SPD).


    Councillors expressed their thanks to the Walworth Society for the hard work they had put into the Walworth Road conservation area proposal. 




    1.  That the following be recorded as the official feedback of the community council to the planning committee regarding The Mint conservation area:


    a.  Councillors support the inclusion of the Gladstone pub. 

    b.  The conservation area should be extended north to include Bishops Hall in Ayers Street.

    c.  The consultation should be more robust, the process seems to have been back to front. 


    2.  That the following be recorded as the official feedback of the community council to the planning committee regarding Walworth Road conservation area:


    a.  Councillors are supportive of the conservation area.

    b.  The Tankard pub should be included in the conservation area.

    c.  The older row of Victorian houses on Hampton Street should be included in the conservation area.


Secure cycle parking (bike hangar)

    Councillors to comment on the information contained in the report.

    Supporting documents:


    Councillors discussed the information and recommendations contained in the report.




    That the following comments be submitted to the cabinet member for environment and the public realm, as the official feedback of the community council:


    1.  Councillors have no issue with the proposed location on Wooler Street.


    2.  That the proposed hangar in Blackwood Street should be re-sited, given the 60-strong petition in opposition to the site. Possible alternative locations were Aylesbury Road, Wooler Street or Merrow Street.


Parking amendments and Estate Parking Scheme - Rockingham Estate