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Re-open Rye lane

We the undersigned petition the council to Re-open rye lane as this is causing considerable trouble for residents and businesses. Residents who have to travel to work to use public transport have to walk a long way before getting to a bus stop away from rye lane which has become overcrowded due to less bus stops being available. Another issue is with businesses as they have already suffered due to the pandemic and lockdowns. Now businesses fear they may shut because there is no public/shoppers as the general public have to walk with shopping bags and elderly can not. Businesses are also suffering as they can not get deliveries to the lane. We need to have rye lane re opened as everyone is trying to adjust to the new normal.

With COVID coming close to being controlled with the vaccinations, and lockdown being eased soon enough people will start travelling to and from Peckham rye lane. Shoppers will also come out to start shopping so they need a form of transport to be able to carry heavy shopping around. Businesses will also be bringing in more goods than before so they need the road to be open to help with that. Peckham rye lane has always been a busy shopping high street if we take away the main road which serves many purposes then we are taking Peckham away from everyone.

This ePetition ran from 25/02/2021 to 29/07/2021 and has now finished.

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