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Aquatics Centre Promise on Canada Water Regeneration plans

We the undersigned petition the council to listen to the local residents who feel thoroughly cheated by a flawed consultation process and insist the council stick to planning agreements early consultations had achieved, such as 8 storeys maximum height, lots of open, safe, communal spaces, play areas, improved traffic routing, a championship size aquatics centre.

We implore the council to remove barriers enabling them to think big, innovatively & honestly making this new town something to be proud of inspired by our neighbour Canary Wharf. Provide us with a true improvement in quality of life and smart living expected from such a major regeneration.
This plan cannot just be about increasing residential buildings and retail, where all prime sites are allocated to maximum revenue for British land and developers. Studies and consultations have been skewed to get the answers the developers and the council has wanted to get and comments and concerns have been left unaddressed.
The decision to propose a shorter, shallower, scaled back pool is a crime and to put the leisure centre in an inadequately sized green area which locals expected to be preserved from the bulldozer, is just the last straw for many who have been talking about the regeneration, repeatedly having to defend the early agreements every time land owner or councillor changes for over 10 years. They have tolerated constant inconvenience of new building sites and their related noise, dirt, road closures, traffic disruption, loss of land and air and light and much more stress, safe in the knowledge that the new town will eventually be providing them with a new and improved environment, services and facilities appropriate and adequate for the future demand from the hugely increasing population made up of diverse age ranges, many families, children, youths, elderly and including Kings College staff who are likely to be physically active. We say No to the proposed size and location of the new pool, we want to benefit from an up scaled provision with additional sports and recreation opportunities to keep all ages fit and occupied, in a prime central location.
This enclave of London has immense historical value and rich green areas that attracted locals to it. The Seven Islands has been in a terrible state of care and maintenance for many years and should have been refurbished by now, this is why it isn't always used to its potential, but this should not be used as the argument to cut the spec of the new pool or place it in a backstreet. The Aquatics centre should be at the heart of the Regeneration at the forefront of the design, enhancing our waterfront, nature reserves and green environment and not limited by council demands for separation. This area is desperate for some life and soul to give its residents old and new, young and old, something to do day and night that represents regeneration. It needs the convenience of valuable services such as postal/package points, banking, high speed Wi-Fi, mobile repeaters, cycle rental, traffic improvements, more trees and greenery, cctv, GPs, junior and senior school expansion, licenced premises, more quality places to eat and be entertained, to be built into the plan. This has all been discussed and overlooked or conveniently forgotten/ignored as time has slipped by. Property height limits had been generally adhered to with the first few construction sites at Canada Water until Toronto Tower, which has immediately set a precedent to try pushing many more towers through the planners, this is totally unacceptable and our councillor should be protecting our rights to maintaining a low rise community that was agreed many years ago. So far with exception of a scaled down library, a few market sellers and a new cafe or two the area has not changed much in the 17 years I have been here, more shops and pubs and businesses have closed down, being replaced by boarded up pubs and discount stores. This is not good by anyone’s standards! Please let the people drive the needs of the masterplan and do not let the developers or council specify unrealistic limitations for a simple life. Look at Lewisham pool !!!, The Olympic aquatics centre, both are very impressive and super busy. It makes sense to do the right thing for the regeneration to be successful.

On reaching 500 signatures The issue will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting

This ePetition ran from 30/09/2016 to 01/12/2016 and has now finished.

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Aquatics Centre Promise on Canada Water Regeneration plans

Possible actions:
Hold a meeting to come up with a new aquatics centre proposal with residents involvement.

Hold a referendum.