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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Streets for People cycling, walking and electric vehicle plans31/05/2024For Determination  
Determination of Objections - Installation of Pedestrian Crossings31/05/2024For Determination  
Southwark Land Commission ref: 813122/07/202431/07/20240
Southwark's New Homes Update ref: 813222/07/202431/07/20240
Borough generic emergency plan and corporate business continuity plans 2024 ref: 814522/07/202431/07/20240
Peckham Station Upgrade: Contribution to Dovedale Court entrance ref: 813822/07/202431/07/20240
Housing Department Senior Management Structure ref: 814422/07/202431/07/20240
Elephant and Castle Town Centre – Compulsory Purchase Order update ref: 813922/07/202431/07/20240
Policy and Resources: Financial Remit report ref: 814122/07/202431/07/20240
177 Abbey Street, SE1, Key Worker Housing and Community Facility, Gateway 1 Development Partner procurement via Pagabo Framework ref: 813422/07/202431/07/20240
Gateway 1 Procurement strategy for delivery of 0-19 Community Public Health services ref: 814022/07/202431/07/20240
Householder Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) ref: 813622/07/202431/07/20240
Climate and Environment Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) ref: 813722/07/202431/07/20240
Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) ref: 813522/07/202431/07/20240
Southwark 2030 - Publication ref: 813022/07/202431/07/20240
Gateway 1 - Southwark Construction New Homes Programme 2022-2026 Procurement Strategy ref: 813322/07/202431/07/20240
Aylesbury Estate Update - Current Phases ref: 812922/07/202431/07/20240
Policy and Resources: Outturn revenue monitoring report 2023-24 ref: 814322/07/202431/07/20240
Policy and Resources: Capital Outturn Report 2023-24 ref: 814222/07/202431/07/20240
Gateway 2 - Contract Award Approval Installation of an Air Source Heat Pump at Crampton Primary School22/07/2024For Determination  
Client contributions debt write-off (£5k to £50k)01/05/2024For Determination  
Gateway 3 - Variation Decision: Deed of Variation Waste PFI ref: 815212/07/202426/07/20240
Goose Green Streets for People - Melbourne Grove, Elsie Road , Derwent Grove, Tintagel Crescent Pocket Parks ref: 814611/07/202425/07/20240
GW3 Lift Maintenance Contracts (North & South)01/05/2024For Determination  
Positive Futures for Young People Fund 2024-26 Funding Award Recommendations - LGBTQI+ young people element02/01/2024For Determination  
Grant for unpaid adult carer information, advice and guidance services31/05/2024For Determination  
Disposal of freehold vacant property at 90 Southwark Park Road, SE16 3RS ref: 812210/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in
Disposal of freehold vacant property at 39 Highshore Road, SE15 5AF ref: 812310/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in
Disposal of freehold vacant property at 2 Woodwarde Road and 364-366 Lordship Lane, SE22 ref: 812810/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in
Disposal of freehold vacant property at 26 Park Street, SE1 9EQ ref: 812410/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in
Disposal of freehold vacant property at 121 Grosvenor Park, SE5 0NJ ref: 812010/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in
Disposal of freehold vacant property at 14 Gomm Road, SE16 2 TX ref: 812710/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in
Disposal of freehold vacant property at 270 Crystal Palace Road, SE22 9JH ref: 811910/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in
Disposal of freehold vacant property at 121 Chatham Street, SE17 1PA ref: 812110/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in
Disposal of freehold vacant property at 24 Bromar Road, SE5 8DL ref: 812610/07/202410/07/2024Not for call-in