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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Minor Traffic Scheme 2021/22 Batch 4 Non-strategic Traffic and Highway improvement projects (21/22 Batch 4) ref: 758508/02/202217/02/2022Call-in expired
Client contributions debt write-off (£5k to £50k) ref: 757503/02/202212/02/2022Call-in expired
Decision on outcome of Liverpool Grove public realm improvements ref: 756931/01/202209/02/2022Call-in expired
Determination of Objections - Wood Vale traffic calming measures ref: 756731/01/202208/02/2022Call-in expired
Homeowners Improvement Plan ref: 756527/01/202205/02/2022Call-in expired
Gateway 2 New Kinglake QHIP 2021/22 ref: 756628/01/202205/02/2022Call-in expired
Non-domestic Rates - Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant policy ref: 756327/01/202227/01/2022Not for call-in
Implementation of trial measures on Druid Street ref: 756226/01/202204/02/2022Call-in expired
Gateway 2 Lynton Road QHIP works 2021/22 ref: 756427/01/202204/02/2022Call-in expired
Gateway 2 - Kinglake Estate (old) QHIP 21-22 ref: 755221/01/202229/01/2022Call-in expired
Gateway 2 - Gateway Estate (Dartford & Empress) QHIP 21-22 ref: 755021/01/202229/01/2022Call-in expired
Gateway 2 Southwark Park Estate QHIP works 2021/22 ref: 755321/01/202229/01/2022Call-in expired
Gateway 2 - Contract Award Approval - Contractor Services for the Tenda Road ref: 755121/01/202229/01/2022Call-in expired
Gateway 2 - Contract Award Approval - Works Contract for the New Homes Delivery programme - Slippers Place Estate Car Park SE16 2ES ref: 754717/01/202228/01/2022Call-in expired
Gateway 1 - Waking Watch Services on Ledbury Estate ref: 754920/01/202220/01/2022Not for call-in
Gateway 2 - Contract Award Approval - Print Management Services ref: 754820/01/202228/01/2022Call-in expired
Minutes ref: 752918/01/202218/01/2022Not for call-in
Bromyard House, Ledbury Estate Compulsory Purchase Order ref: 753818/01/202227/01/2022Call-in expired
Home Purchase Grant (Cash Incentive) Funding ref: 753418/01/202227/01/2022Call-in expired
Bankside Yards - appropriation for planning purposes ref: 753618/01/202227/01/2022Call-in expired
Southwark coordinated admission schemes for primary, junior and secondary admissions 2023 ref: 753218/01/202227/01/2022Call-in expired
Admission arrangements for community primary schools – September 2023 ref: 753118/01/202227/01/2022Call-in expired
Future of Aylesbury Estate ref: 754318/01/202218/01/2022Not for call-in
Technology and Digital Service - Digital Inclusion Report 2022-2025 ref: 753518/01/202227/01/2022Call-in expired
Gateway 2 - Contract Award Community Reablement Service ref: 753318/01/202227/01/2022Call-in expired
Barnwell House, St Giles Road, Camberwell, London SE5 7RP– Disposal ref: 753718/01/202227/01/2022Call-in expired
GW2 Alvey Estate QHIP 20-2101/12/2021Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)  
Future of Aylesbury Estate ref: 754418/01/202218/01/2022Not for call-in
London Councils pan London grants programme 2022-2023: Southwark levy ref: 754517/01/202226/01/2022Call-in expired
Gateway 2 - Contract Award Approval Works Contractor for the New Homes Delivery Programme - Land to the Rear of 61-91 Brisbane Street - Lomond Grove SE517/01/2022For Determination