Issue - decisions

Insourcing of the borough's Leisure Services

07/12/2022 - Progress with Insourcing of Leisure Services



1.  That the progress that has been made towards delivery of the leisure insourcing, including the challenges, opportunities and management of risk associated with this programme be noted. 


2.  That the staffing structure that has been developed across the centres, modelled around the TUPE transfer, with a supporting management structure and an initial mobilisation team structure be noted.


3.  That work underway on developing new branding, to ensure a strong and easily identifiable brand is created for the council’s leisure services, which clearly defines the service within the community and within the wider leisure sector be noted.


4.  That the ongoing work associated with harmonisation of terms and conditions in line with TUPE regulations, and in discussion with the recognised Trade Unions be noted.


5.  That the financial target operating model that is being developed, to underpin the delivery of the service after transfer be noted.