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Determination of objections - Cycle Hangars 21/22 Batch 2

12/01/2022 - Determination of objections - Cycle Hangars 21/22 Batch 2

That the Cabinet Member for Transport, Parks and Sport


  i.  Considered the representations to the proposed cycle hangars, as set out in Table 1 and Appendices 1-3, received during statutory consultation and approve the officer’s recommendations to rebut the objections relating to the proposals to introduce cycle hangars on Bushey Hill Road, Crofton Road and Cornflower Terrace


  ii.  Instructs officers to write to the people who made a representation to inform them of the council’s decision.


  iii.  Instructs officers to make the necessary Traffic Management Orders.


  iv.  Instructs officers to proceed with installation of the following proposals:


Table 1





Bushey Hill Road

St Giles


Install 1 cycle hangar



Crofton Road

St Giles


Install 2 cycle hangars



Cornflower Terrace

Dulwich Hill


Install 1 cycle hangar