Issue - decisions

Update to the Fairer Future Procurement Framework

02/02/2022 - Update to Fairer Future Procurement Framework



1.  That the refreshed Fairer Future Procurement Framework (FFPF) at Appendix 1 of the report be approved.


2.  That the update on actions taken be noted and that a report will be brought back to cabinet by the end of 2022 to update on the next steps within the report in relation to social value.


3.  That the continued delegation of approval for minor and consequential amendments to the fairer future procurement framework (FFPF) to the director of law and governance, in consultation with the cabinet member for finance, performance and democracy be agreed.


4.  That on-going work across the council, led by the local economy team to support the delivery of the recommendations of the education and business scrutiny commission’s report on procurement: accessibility and social value from July 2020 as detailed in paragraph 15 of the report be noted.