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Annual Home Care Report

30/10/2019 - Annual Home Care Report 2018-2019

Councillor Victoria Mills, having declared a non-pecuniary interest in respect in this item, withdrew from the meeting while this item was being discussed and a decision made.




1.  That the mobilisation of contracts to providers who are compliant with the Southwark Ethical Care Charter (SECC) at a time of market fragility leading to provider failures and uncertainty about the impact of the EU Exit, be noted.


2.  That it be noted that providers and the council continue to work closely together, to support continuous improvement and the whole system shift to a more inclusive partnership across the whole system and stakeholders.


3.  That it be noted that the launch of the SECC (Appendix 1 of the report) care worker survey in November 2019 will establish the impact of the implementation of SECC principles on the work satisfaction of individual care workers.


4.  That the proposal to procure supplementary providers as part of applying the lessons learnt from the monitoring of contracts be noted.