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Aylesbury Estate: Approved Premises Facility (APF) delivery

25/07/2018 - Aylesbury Estate: Approved Premises Facility (APF) delivery



1.  That it be noted that on 31 October 2017 cabinet resolved to make a compulsory purchase order under section 226 (1)(a) of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 for all land and rights within the area of land identified within the plan at Appendix 1 of the report.


2.  That the content of this update report on progress towards obtaining vacant possession of the site be noted and in particular that:


·  The council has updated its leaseholder assistance policy enabling qualifying residential leaseholders to purchase under improved shared equity or equity loan terms

·  The council has completed the acquisition of one leasehold property

·  Terms have been agreed for the acquisition of one further leasehold interest underway

·  Just two third party interests in the site, one leasehold and one freehold, remain to be acquired

·  All remaining owners have received further revised financial offers for the acquisition of their properties since the cabinet resolution to the use of compulsory purchase order (CPO) powers

·  While officers will continue to engage with all remaining property owners to attempt to buy back those properties by agreement, the council will now proceed to make a compulsory purchase order.


3.  That the overall progress on the delivery of the project be noted:


·  A detailed tender process for a principal contractor for the construction of the new  approved premises facility (APF) has been completed and a preferred contractor has now been appointed

·  The main construction contract has now been entered into and practical completion of the new APF is programmed for Spring 2020.