Issue - decisions

Cycling Quietway 7 - Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace

11/11/2016 - Cycling Quietway 7 - Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace

1.  That the implementation of the Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace Quietway proposals, as set out table 1 and Appendix A, in accordance with the recommendations below, and subject to statutory procedures and a detailed design and safety review, be approved.


2.  That TFL have agreed to meet with officers, residents and local councillors in Dulwich to discuss working with Southwark on a holistic review of traffic in the Dulwich area and that any funding needed to undertake such a review will be made available by the council through the LIP funding, be noted.


3.  That some of the proposals require a traffic management order prior to implementation and that if any objections to the related statutory consultation cannot be informally resolved, then consideration of those objections and a decision on whether to proceed with that part of the scheme will be subject to a further report to the Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Realm, be noted.


4.  That the section through Burgess Park, between Portland Street/Albany Road and New Church Road/Edmund Street, is subject to a separate approval process as this part of the route is not on public highway, be noted.


5.  That officers are aware of the proposals by Gipsy Hill Federation to run a new secondary school on the Paxton school site at Woodland Road for at least 2 – 3 years from September 2017, and any impact on parking in the area is carefully monitored with remedial steps being taken if deemed necessary.


6.  That the impact on parking stress of the proposals in Village ward continue to be monitored.


7.  That the holistic traffic study in Dulwich area commences before the end of the current financial year.


8.  That the recent improvement to public transport options in Dulwich Village with the extension of bus route 42 be noted.


9.  That community proposals for an alternative junction layout in Dulwich Village be noted, and that officers and Transport for London consider such alternative proposals in parallel with preparing for implementation of the schemes currently designed.


10.  That officers be instructed to work with Transport for London and other stakeholders to work towards implementation of the priority actions from the Foundation Schools Coach Study in parallel with the Quietway implementation.