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Setting the council tax 2023-24


At this juncture the clerk explained that the Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2014, which had come into force on 25 February 2014, required a recorded vote on key budget decisions by local authorities. The regulations required a recorded vote on decisions only.  Therefore in accordance with council assembly procedure rule 1.16(4) (a roll call recorded vote), an announcement was made at the beginning and end of one minute, after which the vote was taken.


The substantive motion was put to the vote, and the votes having been recorded, the Mayor declared the result as follows:


In favour of the substantive motion (45):


Councillors Suzanne Abachor, Evelyn Akoto, Jasmine Ali, Naima Ali, John Batteson, Cassandra Brown, Maggie Browning, Sunil Chopra, Stephanie Cryan, Sam Dalton, Helen Dennis, Dora Dixon-Fyle, Esme Dobson, Gavin Edwards, Sabina Emmanuel, Sam Foster, Renata Hamvas, Jon Hartley, Esme Hicks, Emily Hickson, Laura Johnson, Sarah King, Sunny Lambe, Richard Leeming, Richard Livingstone, Alice Macdonald, James McAsh, Kimberly McIntosh, Darren Merrill, Victoria Mills, Portia Mwangangye, Margy Newens, Jason Ochere, Reginald Popoola, Sandra Rhule, Bethan Roberts, Catherine Rose, Martin Seaton, Andy Simmons, Michael Situ, Charlie Smith, Cleo Soanes, Chloe Tomlinson, Kath Whittam, Kieron Williams, and Ian Wingfield.


Against (8):


Councillors Rachel Bentley, Victor Chamberlain, Adam Hood, Hamish McCallum, Graham Neale, Jane Salmon, Emily Tester, and David Watson.


Abstained (0):


Absent (10):


Councillors Ellie Cumbo, Natasha Ennin, Barrie Hargrove, Ketzia Harper, Nick Johnson, Maria Linforth-Hall, Alice Macdonald, Leo Pollak, Joseph Vambe and Irina von Weise.


The Mayor declared that the substantive motion was carried.




1.  That the 2023-24 Southwark element of the council tax for band D properties in Southwark, including an increase of 2.99% be set at £1,258.78 (appendix B of the report).


2.  That the 2023-24 formal resolution for Southwark council taxes in 2023-24 be approved (appendix A of the report).


3.  That no discount be applied to properties in the former parish of St Mary Newington for 2023-24.


4.  That no discount be applied to properties in the former parish of St Saviour’s for 2023-24.


5.  That council assembly noted the Greater London Authority (GLA) proposal to set a precept level of £434.14 at band D, which the GLA will consider on 23 February 2023 (appendix C of the report).


6.  That the existing local war disability and war widow/widowers’ schemes for housing benefit be continued in 2023-24.


7.  That council assembly established a council tax setting committee, to set the council tax for the year 2023-24, in accordance with section 67(3) of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, and agreed the role and functions, matters reserved and political composition (appendix D of the report).


8.  That council assembly appoints Councillors Stephanie Cryan, Jane Salmon, Rachel Bentley, Dora Dixon-Fyle, Catherine Rose, Martin Seaton and Kieron Williams to serve on the council tax setting committee.


9.  That council assembly appoints Councillor Stephanie Cryan as chair and Councillor Jane Salmon as vice-chair of the council tax setting committee.


10.  The special council tax setting committee will meet on Friday 24 February 2023. This will allow council tax notices to be issued in line with the normal statutory timetable.


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