Agenda item

Election of the Mayor

To elect a Mayor for the municipal year 2022-23


The Mayor of Southwark, Councillor Barrie Hargrove, welcomed everyone to the meeting. 


The clerk announced that the leaders of each political group wished to make a statement.


Thereafter, Councillors Kieron Williams and Victor Chamberlain paid tribute to the outgoing Mayor and welcomed the new chief executive, Althea Loderick.


The clerk asked for nominations for Mayor for the ensuing municipal year 2022-23.


Councillor Kieron Williams, seconded by Councillor Jasmine Ali, moved that Councillor Sunil Chopra be elected Mayor of the London Borough of Southwark for the municipal year 2022-23.


The nomination was put to the vote and it was:


RESOLVED:  That Councillor Sunil Chopra be elected Mayor for the 2021-22 municipal year.


Councillor Sunil Chopra accepted the office of Mayor.  The clerk declared that Councillor Sunil Chopra was duly elected Mayor of Southwark for 2022-23. 


The new Mayor signed the declaration of acceptance of office and took the chair. 


The new Mayor stated that he appointed Varsha Chopra as his Mayoress.


The new Mayor appointed Councillor Michael Situ as Deputy Mayor. 


The new Mayor gave his incoming speech and announced that his chosen charities would be Kings Cross Hospital Charity and BlindAid.