Agenda item

Annual Report on the Health of Looked After Children (LAC): 2020-2021


Dr Stacey John-Legere provided an update to the committee on the annual health report for looked after children 2020-21. Recent updates were set out at Appendix 3 of the report.


The annual report addressed the general health needs of looked after children with a deep dive on mental health.


Dr Stacey John-Legere also addressed the key updates set out in Appendix 3 of the report. Reference was also made to the Somerset judgement, which affects children in care to a less extent, but impacts adoption.


Dr Jenny Taylor, head of clinical Service, Michele Sault, designated nurse for looked after children and Elspeth Plukrose, child and adolescent psychotherapist also provided input to this presentation.


Summary of points arising:


·  Impact on demand of services arising from the pandemic including how health and development affected

·  Query in respect of provision when child / young person placed out of borough. Explained that a high level of support is provided in these circumstances but will depend on provision at that locality

·  Look at areas of deprivation for inclusion on the work plan for 2022-23.




That the content of the annual summary presentation at Appendix 1 and the update set out at Appendix 3 be noted.

Supporting documents: