Agenda item

Semi-independent accommodation for children in care and care leavers


Helen Woolgar, assistant director - safeguarding and care, children and adults' services presented the report to committee highlighting key issues.


A number of queries/points were raised including:


·  The issue of tenancies/trust for young people in semi-independent accommodation. It was clarified that the housing provider for the accommodation provide licences/agreements

·  While the ‘good’ providers were acknowledged concern was expressed with regard to the significant financial gains from this housing and the huge variability in terms of support for young people

·  Officers referenced the need to look at other options. While much positive work has been achieved recently with the secondment of an officer from housing to work directly within the team, work will continue to understand the different options available

·  Good outcomes and the link with education and health (good accommodation directly affects these areas)

·  The impact of the difficult housing market discussed, including the cost of temporary accommodation and problem in finding housing within London

·  Noted that the option for care leavers to bid for one bedroom accommodation (in addition to studio) to be added to the housing allocations policy

·  The health and education contributions to the report noted.




That the report about children in care and care leavers living in semi-independent supported accommodation and the multi-agency support provided be noted. 

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