Agenda item

Update on CAMHS race equality work

A presentation is enclosed on CAMHS to update the commission on race equality work.


A presentation on the impact of substance misuse, particularly Skunk, on Mental Health is also enclosed.  


The chair introduced this item by explaining this is a to follow up on work SLaM are doing to improve equity for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic young people and the CAMHS service,  arising from work done on a previous review on mental health and specifically a discussion about CAMHS with SLaM in March 2021.  The chaired referred to SLaM’s evidence in the scrutiny review report, finalised August 2021. This included a recommendation on follow up:


Recommendation Seven

The commission is keen to see the work by SLaM develop and to deliver on the outcome of increasing uptake of CAMHS services and improvement in meeting the unmet mental health needs of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic young people. The commission would like to see a particular focus on the last approach; CAMHS working with partners, including Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community groups (including Latin American and European immigrant communities) to develop new ways of working in prevention and early help approaches across our communities. A report back on progress is requested in 6 month’s time.


The chair explained that there is also a presentation on Skunk (cannabis) and the impact on the mental health of young people included under this item as this was a topic of concern during last year’s review, but the commission did not get a chance to explore this in depth.


The following SLaM staff presented the update report on CAMHS work to improve race equity and the report on Skunk / Cannabis:


  • Claude Jousselin

Interim Deputy Service Director CAMHS


  • Saurabh (Sam) Dhingra

Southwark CAMHS Service Manager


  • Bob Pritchard

Southwark CAMHS Team Leader


Dr Sue Goode, Lead Clinician Southwark CAMHS, sent her apologies due to Covid.


Following the presentation the chair invited questions and the following points were made:


·  Members commented that some of the acronyms are not explained in the presentation. SLaM staff undertook to address this and provide a glossary.


·  Members asked SLaM more about reporting on improving the equality and diversity of staff and the aim. SLaM staff explained that the aim is for the staff to team to reflect the people we serve  and in order to do this they had diversified their approach, including identifying some front line roles which would be good to do targeted  recruitment. SLaM undertook to provide more data.


·  SLaM’s community engagement has been with young people. Commission members suggested also engaging with community leaders.


·  Performance data is provided to the CCG monthly and this can also be provide to the commission.


·  Members queried the 25% target and if this reflected the local population, or was more complex. SLaM explained that this is target for the four boroughs that SLaM’s CAMHS service serve. It is a 5 year target that SLaM is aiming to achieve by March 2023. SLaM added that they are reviewing their data and demographics as it is a complex picture, plus there has been an overall increase in referrals and provision.


·  SLaM said that most referrals from GPs and schools. There is an overall aim is to offer services earlier and there is staff in place to do this.




SLaM will provide:


·  A glossary to explain acronyms  


·  Date on achieving a more diverse staff team including figures for last year, this year and the target


·  Performance data provided to the CCG


The Commission recommended that SLaM attend again next year to follow up on progress.




Supporting documents: