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Planning Application Number: 21/AP/3246




Demolition of the existing building and construction of a part one, part ten and part eleven storey building (42.65m AOD) comprising up to 421sqm of Class E floorspace at ground floor and up to 117 homes (Class C3). Provision of ancillary plant, amenity spaces, cycles and refuse stores.


This application represents a departure from strategic policy 10 'Jobs and Businesses' of the Core Strategy (2011) and Saved Policy 1.2 'Strategic and Local Preferred Industrial Locations' of the Southwark Plan (2007) by virtue of proposing to introduce residential accommodation in a preferred industrial location.


This item was heard jointly with item 6.1.




1.  That planning permission be granted, subject to the conditions set out in the report and addendum report, and referral to the Mayor of London, and the applicant entering into an appropriate legal agreement which is linked to planning application 21/AP/3247 (Credon House) to secure the delivery of Affordable Housing by no later than 2 December 2022.


2.  In the event that the requirements of (1) are not met by 2 December 2022 that the Director of Planning and Growth be authorised to refuse planning permission, if appropriate, for the reasons set out at paragraph 232 of the report.


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