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Planning application: Application 20/AP/2701




Demolition of all existing structures and erection of a part 10, part 12 storey plus basement mixed-use development comprising 257sqm flexible Class E floorspace (Commercial, business and service), and 267 purpose-built student accommodation rooms with associated amenity space and public realm works, car and cycle parking, and ancillary infrastructure.


The committee heard the officer’s introduction to the report.


Members of the committee asked questions of the officers.


There were no objectors present wishing to address the committee.


The applicant’s representatives addressed the committee, and answered

questions put by the committee.


At 7.26pm the meeting took a screen break and resumed at 7.31pm.


The committee put further questions to the applicant and officers.


There were no supporters who lived within 100 metres of the development site who wished to speak.


There were no ward councillors present who wished to speak.


The committee discussed the application.


The chair enquired about monitoring to ensure compliance of any decision would be continuous. Officers responded that this would be picked up in the Section 106 agreement.


A motion to grant the application was moved, seconded, put to the vote and declared carried.




a)  That planning permission be granted, subject to conditions and referral to the Mayor of London, and the applicant entering into an appropriate legal agreement by no later than 21 October 2021.


b)  In the event that the requirements of (a) are not met by 21 October 2021 that the Director of Planning be authorised to refuse planning permission, if appropriate, for the reasons set out at paragraph 258 of this report.

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