Agenda item


To note the report on the ‘Refresh of the Council Plan 2018 – 2022 agreed for consultation by Cabinet in September 2020.


The Leader of the Council will provide an overview of the Council Plan refresh at the meeting.


Note: The final version of the ‘Refresh of the Council Plan 2018 – 2022, following consultation will be submitted by the Leader to the 25 November 2020 Council Assembly meeting for approval.


Councillor Kieron Williams, Leader of the Council gave the committee an overview of the refresh of the Council Plan.


The Leader of the council answered questions of the committee.


The committee made a request for a commitment to include tackling Cladding issue to the list of issues the council will lobby government on and practical steps to help leaseholders in the borough.  Councillor Williams indicated that he was committed to working with residents to address this and to do national campaigning and agreed to take the matter away, to have a fuller conversation with cabinet member and officers about what specific things the council could do most helpfully going forward, along with everything they have already been doing to date.


The Leader agreed to report back to the committee on the following:


·  Council Housing – commitment in 2018 to deliver 1000 homes at London Living Rent by 2022 – not included in current version of the council plan -  The Leader agreed to come back with figures on delivery of these homes.


·  Health Inequalities – Covid-19 impact on council staff (particularly BAME) - Workforce Monitoring in terms of Health – the Leader agreed to establish what the council does in terms of monitoring health of staff.

Supporting documents: