Agenda item

Notification of any items of business which the mayor deems urgent

In special circumstances an item of business may be added to an agenda within seven working days of the meeting.


At this juncture the meeting agreed the programme motion.




The timings for the evening will be as follows:




7.00pm – 7.15pm

1. Preliminary business and announcements


7.15pm – 10.00pm

Item 2.1 Policy and Resources Strategy 2019-20 - Revenue Budget


1.  Consideration of this item is not time limited but the meeting is subject to the guillotine.


2.  Debate to include:


·  Seven questions on reports

·  Councillor Vicky Mills to present recommendations (10 minutes)

·  Councillor Jane Salmon to reply on behalf of opposition (5 minutes)

·  Three amendments to be moved and seconded

·  Report and amendments to be debated as a single debate (all speakers 3 minutes each)

·  Reply to the debate from Councillor Vicky Mills (3 minutes)

·  Separate vote on each amendment

·  Recorded vote on substantive motion.


Members can only speak once, except for Councillor Vicky Mills (cabinet member for finance, performance and Brexit), who will reply to the single debate.


3.  Amendment A to be titled "Police officers not press officers".


4.  Amendment B to be titled "A roof over every head".


Item 2.2 Capital Strategy and Treasury Management Strategy 2019-20


To be considered as normal.


Item 2.3 Setting the Council Tax 2019-20


Recommendation 2 to be amended to refer to Appendix A rather than Appendix B.


If Amendment C to item 2.1 is carried, Appendix A will be amended to reflect this:


3 a) to read "£988,781,353" instead of "£988,521,353"

3 b) to read "-£878,249,672" instead of "-£877,989,672".


This report has a legal requirement to take a recorded vote on the substantive motion.


Item 2.4  Capital Programme Refresh for 2018-19 to 2027-28


Recommendation 3 to be amended to refer to £1,305m rather than £2,100m.


To be considered as normal.



Item 2 Reports for decision


Each report to have a single debate, subject to the guillotine.

Supporting documents: