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Ruby Triangle Site, Land Bounded by Old Kent Road, Ruby Street and Sandgate Street, London SE15 1LG




Full planning permission is sought for demolition of existing buildings and structures on the site, and redevelopment consisting of three buildings at maximum heights of 17 storeys (including mezzanine) ( +64.735m AOD), 48 Storeys (+170.830m AOD) and 40 storeys (including mezzanine) (+144.750m AOD), plus single storey basement under part of the site. Development would provide 1,152 residential dwellings (Class C3), retail, business and communal spaces (Classes A1, A2, A3, A4, B1(a),(b),(c) and D1), public sports hall and gym (Class D2), public and private open space, formation of new accesses and alterations to existing accesses, energy centre, associated car and cycle parking and other associated works.




That the application be deferred to the planning committee meeting scheduled for 29 October 2018 due to the length of time it had taken to consider the previous applications on the agenda.

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