Agenda item

160 Blackfriars Road and land to the rear, London SE1 8EZ




Erection of a 10 storey building (40.23m AOD) with basement, comprising a 220 bedroom hotel with ancillary restaurant (Class C1); flexible office space (Class B1); retail units (Class A1/A3); creation of public space; landscaping and associated works. Works to the existing building at ground and roof levels (including a new rooftop terrace, enclosure and PV panels); elevational alteration; creation of a new entrance and the installation of an architectural feature along the Blackfriars Road elevation.


On the day before the committee meeting, a site visit had been arranged which was attended by a number of Members accompanied by officers where they were able to view the site from various positions and consider its relation to neighbouring buildings from various positions.


The committee heard the officers’ introduction to the report and addendum report. Councillors asked questions of the officers.


A number of objectors addressed the meeting. Members of the committee asked questions of the objectors.


The applicant’s agents addressed the committee, and answered questions by the committee.


A supporter who lived within 100 metres of the development site addressed the meeting.  Members of the committee asked questions of the supporter.


Councillor David Noakes addressed the meeting in his capacity as a ward councillor, and answered questions by the committee.


The committee put further questions to the officers and discussed the application.


A motion to refuse the application was moved, seconded, put to the vote and declared carried.




That planning permission be refused on the following grounds:


·  Hotels not being an appropriate use of the land, and being in conflict with the Blackfriars Road SPD and the emerging NSP designation NSP15, and the over-dominance of hotels in the area contrary to Saved Southwark Plan policy 1.12.

·  The building is too tall and breaches the recommended height for this part of Blackfriars Road in the SPD, and does not comply with Tall Building policy 3.20.

·  The building is an overdevelopment of a confined site and has an adverse impact on the amenity of neighbours including by overshadowing the school playground, having a negative impact on the learning environment.

·  The quality of the hotel accommodation, in terms of the internalised bedrooms, does not comply with London Plan policy 4.5 section C, in terms of meeting the requirements for accreditation by the national quality assurance scheme.

Supporting documents: