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Treasury management performance - 2015/16 annual report and prudential indicators


(See pages 41-49 of the main agenda)




1.  That council assembly notes this 2015-16 outturn report on treasury management and that:


·  all treasury management activity was undertaken in compliance with the approved treasury management strategy and with the council’s Prudential Indicators.


·  the balance remaining on all loans at 31 March 2016 was £463m (£371m Housing Revenue Account and £92m General Fund).  Loans totalling £6.4m were repaid during the year.  No new borrowing or debt rescheduling were undertaken during the period. 


·  in the year to March 2016 the sum invested averaged £237m and the balance of investments at 31 March 2016 stood at £144m.  The average return on investments was 0.77% (0.73% 2014-15). 


·  following the result of the European Union referendum vote no immediate changes to our overall treasury management strategy are proposed. 

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