Agenda and minutes

Health and Social Care Scrutiny Commission - Tuesday 21 January 2020 7.00 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Meeting Room G02A - 160 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QH. View directions

Link: Livestream/Video Link (YouTube)

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    Councillors Helen Dennis, Charlie Smith and Paul Flemming sent apologies. Councillor Bill Williams attended as a substitute for Councilor Helen Dennis, who is on maternity leave.


Notification of any items of business which the chair deems urgent

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    In special circumstances, an item of business may be added to an agenda within five clear working days of the meeting.


    There was none.


Disclosure of Interests and Dispensations

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    Members to declare any interests and dispensations in respect of any item of business to be considered at this meeting.


    Councillor Bill Williams declared he works for Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital.



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    To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the open section of the meeting on 2 December 2019. These are to follow.


    The minutes of the meeting held on 2 December will go to the next meeting, due to staff shortages.



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    Councillor Jasmine Ali, Cabinet member for Children, Schools and Adult Social care,  will be interviewed on the Children & Adult Care part of her portfolio; enclosed.

    Supporting documents:


    Councillor Jasmine Ali, Cabinet member for Children, Schools and Adult Social care, was interviewed on the Children & Adult Care part of her portfolio.


    The interview covered the following themes:


    ·  Older people and the barriers posed by technology


    ·  Loneliness in older people and opportunities to buddy up


    ·  Impact of funding reductions on older people’s social care and the re-enablement service.


    ·  The community hub for older people


    ·  Quality of the new care homes planned




    Officers will provide a brief summary of the commissioning plans for new care homes in Southwark.


Review one: Mental Health of children and young people - follow up information

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    Officers have provided a briefing report addressing the below follow up questions arising from the Commission meeting in October:


    a)  What are the baseline data, timeline, outcomes and targets being used to measure the effectiveness of the programme to provide 100%  access to mental health services for children and young people?


    b)  What are the current waiting times for CAMHS services?


    c)  More information on boys and men accessing mental health services,  along with more information on BME communities , and alcohol and substance misuse services, including  the below, if possible:


      Breakdown of most common mental health conditions by sex and ethnicity

      Access to CAMHS services  by sex and ethnicity

      Sectioning by sex and ethnicity

      Suicide and self harm data and trends by sex and ethnicity

      Alcohol and substance misuse  data and trends by sex and ethnicity



    Commission members also requested that the recently established Southwark Child and Adolescent Mental Health Commission Terms of Reference be circulated, and these are enclosed. More information on the Commission can be found here:


    Supporting documents:



    Genette Laws, Director of Commissioning, Southwark Council and Jean Young, Head of Primary Care Commissioning and Interim Head of Mental Health Commissioning, presented the report circulated.


    Members asked about the suicide rate and the disproportionate number of BAME citizens sectioned.




    Officers will provide follow up information on:


    - Lewisham project looking at high rates of BAME sectioning

    - More recent suicide statistics, including race and ethnicity data


Review two: Care Homes quality assurance - community evidence

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    Esmé Dobson, former user of care services in Southwark, will attend.


    Esmé Dobson,a former user of care services in Southwark, attended and gave a presentation on service a relative received in a Southwark care home and then touched on her later experience of a care home in Lewisham.


    Learning points she suggested the Commission considered included her view that:


    ·  Even a care home rated Good by CQC  was not providing suitable activities, with a dedicated coordinator


    ·  The GP service was not meeting residents needs and had not been for some time – an issue she raised with the CCG


    ·  The building had repair issues, which  raised staff stress level and did not help with dementia management


    ·  There were a lot of good care workers, but she found it difficult to raise her concerns regarding one staff member and the subsequent investigation was done by the care home, rather than Southwark.


    ·  Quarterly meetings for relatives often did not happen, and when they did the monitoring officer recommended contacting the care home manager for her contact details.


    ·  Provision for dementia often only caters for people with lower levels of need, which means people may have to move when their needs increase.


    ·  The important role the council has in monitoring the quality of care , particularly for residents without relatives


    ·  The difficulties even an engaged family member had in resolving concerns


    ·  Concerns that the Lay Inspection team is not functioning and there is a lack of organisational commitment to its continuation


    Esmé Dobson said that her efforts to address the above concerns had eventually resulted in a letter of full of apologies from the provider of the Southwark home.


     The Director of Commissioning, Genette Laws, explained that these concerns  were historic, dating from 2017, and assured members that the provider, Anchor, had taken steps to address shortcomings. 


    She also provided assurance that the monitoring team do attend Southwark Care Homes regularly and offered to provide copies of the last ten monitoring reports for members, as a closed item as they would contain confidential information .


    The scrutiny project manager suggested contacting Anchor for comment on recent work,  to provide an opportunity for more up to date information on steps taken to provide assurance on care home quality.


    A member asked if the monitoring team would look at whether an activities programme was in place and address appliances not working. The Director of Commissioning said they would certainly look at activities, and if the home looked well kept, although not the specifics of a working washing machine. They would also look at family meetings and their experience of the home.


    Members indicated they would like to obtain clarification from Age UK on the Lay Inspectors scheme, receive more information on the visitation programme and understand the commissioning arrangements.


    There was a discussion about a previous review of Care Homes undertaken by scrutiny, after a series of poor CQC reports on local homes, including Tower Bridge Care Centre, which a member had visited.  The Director of Commissioning said this home had improved, with other homes closing  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Work Programme

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    The workplan is enclosed.

    Supporting documents:


    Member will meet with the Strategic Director of Place and Well-Being to discuss planed changes to community pharmacy substance misuse services,  commissioned by Public Health.