Agenda and minutes

Health and Wellbeing Board
Thursday 18 March 2021 3.00 pm

Venue: This will be a virtual meeting. A meeting link will be circulated in advance.

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No. Item



    To receive any apologies for absence.


    Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Jasmine Ali, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Education; Sarah Austin, Director of Integrated Care for Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust; David Bradley, Chief Executive of Southwark London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust; Clive Kay, Chief Executive of King’s College Hospital NHS; Eleanor Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of Southwark Council and Chris Mikata-Pralat, Chief Executive of Community Southwark.











    To receive and note a presentation from the Community Health Ambassadors Programme.


    Supporting documents:


    Jin Lim, Director of Public Health (Acting), introduced the report and drew the Board’s attention to the addendum report and the refreshed outbreak prevention and control plan in Supplemental Agenda No.1, pages 1 – 52.


    The following points were noted for the three strands of the plan:


    i.  Prevent – There had been comms. engagement around the vaccination programme and work continues with regulatory and enforcement services.


    ii.  Identify – Rapid testing was now possible at a new test site in London Bridge station. 


    iii.  Control – Continue to provide an acute response service. 


    Chris Williamson, Head of Public Health Intelligence delivered a presentation to report the latest COVID-19 statistics from a tabled presentation. The tabled presentation would be available in Supplemental Agenda No. 2 after the meeting.


    The presentation covered the following areas:


    i.  Key Messages

    ii.  Cases

    iii.  Case Distribution

    iv.  Contact Tracing

    v.  Secondary Care

    vi.  Horizon Scanning


    In response to a question and answer session, the Board noted the following points:


    ·  The Board expressed their regrets for the number of people who had died from COVID-19 in the borough.


    ·  Further research was still needed to know more about the South African and Brazilian variant of the virus which was the same position concerning the variant from Kent. 


    The Chair thanked Jin and Chris for their presentations and introduced Anthony Lobo, Public Health Programme Officer to deliver a presentation on the Council’s Community Ambassadors Programme.


    Anthony presented a tabled presentation, Supplemental Agenda No. 2, Appendix 3, pages 9 - 18. The tabled presentation covered the following areas:


    i.  Introduction to Southwark’s Community Health Ambassadors Network;

    ii.  Role of Ambassadors

    iii.  Ambassador Criteria and Expectations

    iv.  Support for Ambassadors

    v.  Number of Ambassadors signed up

    vi.  Feedback received from Ambassadors

    vii.  BBC Segment on the Ambassador Programme

    viii.  Growing the Ambassador Network

    ix.  Longer terms plans for the Ambassador Network


    Anthony went on to introduce two community ambassadors that were in attendance and to participate in the question and answer session.


    The Chair thanked Anthony for his presentation and welcomed Patricia Kanneh-Fitzgerald and Yetunde Pamole-Ogunseye to the discussion. Patricia and Yetunde explained to the Board why they chose to be a community ambassador and what their community activities involved.


    In response to a question and answer session, the following points were noted:


    ·  Addressing misinformation about COVID-19 had been the most challenging aspect as a community ambassador.


    ·  Uncovering a level of inequalities in the community was not originally envisaged and working towards addressing them was the aim.


    ·  The Council’s outbreak prevention and control plan will need to advocate BAME workforce in mental health services to better support those that need them and be representative of the community.


    ·  Ambassadors established a voice to better connect with others and in the community.


    ·  A learning curve remained for those that were still hesitant about taking the vaccine and were still being led by fake news. Especially amongst the males aged between 25 and 45.


    ·  Needed to empower people to understand  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.



    To receive and note a presentation.

    Supporting documents:


    Sam Hepplewhite, Place Based Director (Southwark) SEL CCG tabled a presentation, Supplemental Agenda No. 2, pages 19 – 32, which covered the following areas:


    i.  Progression to date

    ii.  Cohorts being vaccinated now

    iii.  Accessing a vaccination in Southwark

    iv.  South East London progress and cohort coverage by borough

    v.  Vaccination statistics by ethnicity

    vi.  Population, uptake % and remaining by PCN ethnic group, and cohort

    vii.  Vaccination statistics by ward

    viii.  Ward level COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake

    ix.  Borough Plan Design principles

    x.  Borough Plan

    xi.  Tackling vaccines hesitancy – what we need to do

    xii.  Tackling vaccine hesitancy – what we are doing


    The Chair thanked Sam for her presentation and introduced Nigel Smith, South Southwark, Primary Care Network and Managing Director of Improving Health Limited, a GP federation. Nigel explained his role and the approach taken to deliver the vaccinations in the south of the borough.


    The Chair thanked Nigel for his introduction and announced to everyone from a live news bulletin that the European Medicines Agency had declared Oxford/Astra Zeneca to be safe as it was not found to be associated with a higher risk of clots. In response, Councillor Akoto, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Community Safety thanked the Chair for the live announcement.


    ·  18 March 2021 – European Medicines Agency News Release:


    In response to a question and answer session the following points were noted by the Board:


    ·  Vaccinations would continue to be distributed across the borough according to need within the defined cohorts.


    ·  SEL CCG held a comprehensive vaccination plan and there was an opportunity to report back on this plan at the new Sub-Group of the Health and Wellbeing Board.


    ·  There was a robust communication cycle in place for the PCNs. For instance, a text message would be sent and if no response were received, efforts would be made to reach the resident via a landline and a letter. No one would be left out.


    ·  The PCNs rely on reaching unregistered residents that have English as their second or third language by liaising with active residents like the community ambassadors and using other council initiatives and services.


    ·  There should not be any barriers in place to vaccinate undocumented residents and it was important to communicate this message to reach and help address hesitancy in all settings i.e. faith and community sites.





    1.  That the work of the Community Ambassador Programme be linked to support the PCNs in reaching unregistered residents and those that may be experiencing language barriers.


    2.  That representatives from Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts share their recent findings to reach residents and increase vaccine uptake with the Health and Wellbeing Board.


    3.  SEL CCG to share what was in place to enable undocumented residents to be vaccinated with Southwark’s Public Health team and the team leading the Community Ambassador Programme to identify potential areas of improvement to reach the undocumented residents.




    To receive any question from members of the public which have been submitted in advance of the meeting in accordance with the (cabinet) procedure rules. The deadline for the receipt of a public question is midnight Friday, 12 March 2021.



    Public Question 1 - Mr Steve Lancashire


    Covid 19: What is the Board and the Council doing to promote better resourcing of the borough’s public health and GP services to develop find, test, track and trace strategies to control the number of Covid 19 cases in Southwark? Would you think it important to take this matter forward on a London wide basis?


    In response, the Chair assured Mr Lancashire that all that can be done to secure much needed resources was being explored.


    Public Question 2 - Ms Irene Payne


    “AT Medics: What is the Board’s view about the transfer of 37 GP practices, including 4 from Southwark, from AT Medics, a London based GP company, to Operose Health, a subsidiary of a large US Health Insurance Company, Centene?  Was the potential transfer discussed with councillors and will you raise this matter with SEL CCG?”


    In response, Sam Hepplewhite briefly explained  a summary of the different GP contracts and that a Primary Care Commissioning Committee briefing paper was available online. The Chair confirmed that a coordinated response was being organised. Councillor Noakes confirmed that Southwark’s Health and Social Care Scrutiny Commission were due to discuss the changes to GP practice ownership on 23 March 2021.


    ·  20 December 2020 - SEL CCG briefing paper – from page 61


    ·  23 March 2021 Health and Social Care Scrutiny Commission – Agenda




    To receive and note a presentation.

    Supporting documents:


    Nina Dohel, Director of Education tabled a presentation, Supplemental Agenda No. 2, pages 33 – 45, which covered the following areas:


    i.  Young people across Southwark

    ii.  Context

    iii.  Primary Schools - common themes

    iv.  Secondary Schools – common themes

    v.  Example from 1 x secondary school

    vi.  Impact on children: What Primary schools are telling us

    vii.  Impact on children

    viii.  SEND

    ix.  What partners are telling us

    x.  Feedback from 2 service providers

    xi.  Continue


    The Chair thanked Nina for delivering the presentation and advised that due to time the question and answer session would be taken at the next meeting, 28 April 2021 at 3pm.




    1.  That the Health and Wellbeing Board conclude Item 9 at the next meeting with a question and answer session.