Agenda and minutes

Planning Sub-Committee B (decommissioned, for planning committees after 20 May 2023, please click the "Committees" tab on the right) - Tuesday 15 June 2021 7.00 pm

Venue: Ground Floor Meeting Room G02 - 160 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QH

Contact: Beverley Olamijulo, Constitutional Officer  Email: PLEASE NOTE - ITEM 7.1 WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED AND WAS INCLUDED IN THE AGENDA IN ERROR

Note: Livestream - 

No. Item


Introduction and welcome

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    The chair welcomed councillors, members of the public and officers to the meeting.



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    There were apologies for absence from Councillor Maria Linforth-Hall and Councillor Victoria Mills.


Confirmation of voting members

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    A representative of each political group will confirm the voting members of the sub-committee.


    The members listed as present were confirmed as voting members of the sub-committee.


Disclosure of Members' interests and dispensations

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    Members to declare any interests and dispensation in respect of any item of business to be considered at this meeting.


    The following member declared a personal interest in the following item:


    7.2  Falmouth Road Group Practice, 78 Falmouth Road, London SE1 4JW


    Councillor Sirajul Islam, non-pecuniary, the proposed development is located  within his ward – Chaucer ward.


Items of business that the Chair deems urgent

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    The chair to advise whether they have agreed to any item of urgent business being admitted to the agenda.


    The chair gave notice of the following additional papers circulated prior to the meeting:


    ·  Minutes from the previous meeting held on 30 March 2021 and

    ·  Members pack.



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    To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 30 March 2021. (To follow)

    Supporting documents:




    That the minutes of the virtual meeting held on the 30 March 2021 be approved as a correct record and signed by the chair.


Development management items

    Supporting documents:


    Members noted the development management report.




    1.  That the determination of planning applications, or formal observations and comments, the instigation of enforcement action and the receipt of the reports included in the attached items be considered.


    2.  That the decisions made on the planning applications be subject to the conditions and/or made for the reasons set out in the attached reports unless otherwise stated.


    3.  That where reasons for decisions or conditions are not included or not as included in the reports relating to an individual item, they be clearly specified.


Land Rear of: 157 Dunstans Road, London SE22 0HB

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    Supporting documents:


    The item was withdrawn.


    Councillor Damian O’Brien (reserve member) stated that he was unaware the above planning application had been withdrawn.  The chair explained officers notified all members of planning sub-committee B prior to the meeting which included  Councillor Maria Linforth-Hall (vice-chair) to whom Councillor O’Brien was substituting for as a voting member in her absence.


Falmouth Road Group Practice, 78 Falmouth Road, London SE1 4JW

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    Supporting documents:


    Planning application reference 20/AP/1407


    Report: See pages 39 to 101 of the agenda pack




    Demolition of the existing doctors surgery (Use Class D1) and redevelopment of the site for the construction of a new doctors surgery (Use Class D1), with residential development comprising 39 self-contained flats (Use Class C3) above, and associated cycle parking, refuse storage and amenity space.


    The sub-committee heard the officer’s introduction to the report and Members of the sub-committee asked questions of the officers.


    There were no objectors present at the meeting.


    The applicant’s agent addressed the meeting and responded to questions from members.


    There were no supporters who lived within 100 metres of the development site present at the meeting.


    There were no ward councillors present at the meeting who wished to address the sub-committee.


    The sub-committee put further questions to officers and discussed the application.


    A motion to grant the application was moved, seconded put to the vote and declared carried.




    1.  That planning application 20/AP/1407 be granted subject to conditions and the applicant entering into an appropriate legal agreement.


    2.  That in the event that the requirements of paragraph 1 above are not met by 26 November 2021, the director of planning be authorised to refuse planning permission, if appropriate, for the reasons set out in paragraph 135 of the report.