Agenda and minutes

Tuesday 8 September 2020 4.00 pm

Venue: Online/Virtual. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting. Please contact: for a link to the online meeting

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Notification of any items of Business which the Chair Deems Urgent

    In special circumstances, an item of business may be added to an agenda within five clear working days of the meeting.


    The chair gave notice of the following late items:


    ·  Item 10: Southwark Stands Together Programme

    ·  Item 11: Community Hub – Supporting the needs of the most vulnerable.


    Reasons for urgency and lateness will be specified in the relevant minutes.


Notice of Intention to conduct business in a closed meeting, and any representations received


Disclosure of Interests and Dispensations


Public Question Time (15 Minutes)

    To receive any questions from members of the public which have been submitted in advance of the meeting in accordance with the cabinet procedure rules. The deadline for the receipt of a public question is midnight Wednesday 2 September 2020.


    None were received.




Deputation Requests


Draft Care Home Quality Assurance Scrutiny Review Part One – Older People - Health & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Commission


Refresh of the Council Plan 2018-2022


Southwark Stands Together Programme

    To review programme of work and agree recommendations arising and next step/ action. 

    Supporting documents:


    It was not possible to circulate this report five clear days in advance of the meeting. The chair agreed to accept this item as urgent because a detailed roadmap setting out key actions, measures and metrics is planned to come to cabinet on 20 October 2020. It was therefore important, in maintaining pace on action and onward engagement, that cabinet agreed the emerging work stream recommendations in advance of that time; this was first available cabinet to receive those recommendations.




    1.  That Southwark Stands Together will be a long-term programme of positive action, education and initiatives for the council to work in solidarity with Southwark’s communities and the council’s staff to tackle racism, injustice and inequality.


    2.  That residents, staff and the wider community are thanked for taking part in the surveys and listening exercises so far.


    3.  That it be agreed that the council will be actively anti-racist in all that we do, and the emerging recommendations (Appendix 1 of the report), which have arisen out of the engagement events held with staff and the community, will be integrated into the refreshed council plan process.


    4.  That the initial findings from the survey and listening exercises be noted and that further analysis is underway with an update provided to cabinet in October 2020. 


    5.  That it be agreed to develop a roadmap and action plan with measures and metrics to deliver the Southwark Stands Together programme and officers be instructed to present this to cabinet in October 2020.


    6.  That it be agreed that any wider resourcing implications for the council associated with next step delivery are appropriately assessed through the council’s policy and resources strategy process.


    7.  That any future action plan is subject to regular monitoring and review and reported at least annually to cabinet.


Community Hub - supporting the needs of the most vulnerable

    To agree the recommendations of the Southwark Covid-19 Community Hub Rapid Review. The current arrangement was agreed to the end of September, and this report brings forward recommendations on sustaining support for vulnerable people impacted by the pandemic beyond September following a rapid partnership review of the operation of the hub.

    Supporting documents:


    It was not possible to circulate this report five clear days in advance of the meeting. The chair agreed to accept this item as urgent so that cabinet could agree and put in place necessary next steps on support for vulnerable residents when the current arrangement ends at the end of September that will allow the council and partners to continue to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the borough.




    1.  That the considerable efforts from all involved in the community hub in the provision of support to the most vulnerable in the community during the worst impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic be noted.


    2.  That the significant contribution of the voluntary and community sector in the localised provision of support networks within Southwark be recognised and the work being undertaken to build on the existing and future network be supported.


    3.  That the outcomes from the review into the future of the community hub and the considerable impact from the contributors in steering the recommendations in the report be welcomed.


    4.  That the approach to ensuring a managed transition for people supported by the Covid-19 Community Hub be agreed, stepping down support where it is no longer needed and ensuring people who need ongoing assistance are matched with the appropriate support. This work will continue between now and December 2020.


    5.  That the Covid-19 community support plan that sets out the emergency operating model in the event of a further spike in Covid-19 or a further lockdown be agreed.


    6.  That officers be instructed to test new ways of providing housing, employment, skills, money, social care and immigration support in local communities, including testing how support from established public and voluntary and community sector (VCS) providers can be made accessible in partnership with local community ‘anchor’ organisations rooted in each part of the borough. 


    7.  That officers to bring a further report back to cabinet in October 2020 that sets out a more detailed plan for implementation of the council’s response to the recommendations of the review working group.

Tributes to Councillor Peter John OBE - Outgoing Leader of the Council

This was the last cabinet meeting chaired by the outgoing Leader of the Council, Councillor Peter John OBE, who had held the position for the last 10 years. Cabinet colleagues, Councillor Ian Wingfield (chair of overview and scrutiny committee) and the chief executive all paid heartfelt tributes to the transformational and key objectives achieved in this period under his leadership. Additionally, the personal impact and support given to colleagues were highlighted in these tributes.