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Asset Management Strategy - Refresh

Meeting: 14/09/2021 - Cabinet (Item 12)

12 A Home to be Proud of: the council's approach to ensuring residents are safe, secure and comfortable in their council home

To agree the broad framework for a future asset management strategy.

Supporting documents:




1.  That the broad framework for a future asset management strategy (‘The Plan’) that is driven by the council’s commitment to tackling inequality and to keeping people safe in homes that are well maintained and cared for be agreed.


2.  That a full strategy be developed adhering to the principles and priorities set out in the report to be presented to the council’s cabinet in summer 2022.


3.  That the proposal and approach set out in the report to undertake further work to achieve a balanced approach to Climate Emergency commitments be approved.


4.  That a more detailed analysis of inequality in Southwark is required to be undertaken in relation to investment and asset management of our homes.


5.  That the commitment in the report to deliver services that provide safer and secure homes following the legislative changes introduced and upcoming since the last asset management strategy in 2016 be noted.