Issue - meetings

Gateway 1 - Major Building Works

Meeting: 14/07/2020 - Cabinet (Item 17)

17 Gateway 1 - Procurement Strategy Approval: Major Building Works

To agree the procurement strategy for four (4) major building work contracts.

Supporting documents:




1.  The procurement strategy outlined in the report for four (4) major building work contracts as further detailed in paragraph 17 for an estimated value of £446m for an initial period of 5 years commencing in February 2022 with an option to extend for up to a further 5 years in increments at the council’s discretion making a total estimated contract value of £835m be approved.


2.  The publication of a Prior Information Notice (PIN) to inform the market of the council’s intention to procure be approved.


3.  That it be noted that this procurement is one of a number of ways the council intends to deliver major works in the future, with other routes being explored including a small and medium enterprises framework, a separate procurement covering street properties and management of more works in-house, which allows a blend of routes in place to help further increase value for money and resident choice. 


4.  That it be noted that the procurement strategy in the report will result in bidders being required to bid as back up to each other on their tendered rates to ensure an efficient service delivery.