Executive post

Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Public Health


To deliver a safer Southwark through oversight of council initiatives and services concerned with community safety including tackling anti-social behaviour and violence against women and girls. To lead joint work with the police and other community safety partners.


Working with the Safeguarding Children’s Board and the Safeguarding Adults Board and community safety partners, to lead the council’s work on youth violence including knife and gun crime and to deliver the Positive Futures Fund to support opportunities for young people in borough.


To lead public health work across Cabinet, including Cabinet Members for Housing Management and Modernisation with regards homelessness, Environment, Transport and the Climate Emergency with regards cycling, walking, and air quality, Finance, Performance and Brexit with regards alcohol control zones and licensing policy and Social Regeneration, Great Estates and New Council Homes with regards social regeneration and healthier high streets.


To lead the council’s public health work and our partnership with the NHS. To reduce health inequality in the borough including to tackle HIV, drug and alcohol services and mental health issues. To work with the Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure, Equalities and Communities to increase physical activity and fitness.


The cabinet member will have particular responsibility for:


·  crime and drugs strategy and violent crime

·  Southwark anti-social behaviour unit

·  CCTV and other safety measures in public places

·  the community warden service

·  noise nuisance

·  domestic violence strategy (working with the Cabinet Member for Housing Management and Modernisation)

·  knife and gun crime

·  radicalisation and extremism

·  youth violence

·  Positive futures fund

·  violence against women and girls strategy

·  women’s safety charter

·  HIV

·  sexual health services

·  drug and alcohol services

·  adult mental health and mental health first aiders

·  the council’s public health role

·  Southwark an age friendly borough

·  child health and childhood obesity

·  free healthy school meals, school meals in nurseries and free fruit in schools

·  the council’s relationship with the NHS

·  local health services

·  reducing teenage conception rates

·  youth centres.


Post is held by