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The Rotherhithe Old Library and Civic Centre

We the undersigned petition the council to consider the regeneration and revitalization of the Old Rothehithe Library and Civic Centre for community provision and services as an alternative to the demolition of the building.

The regeneration of Albion Street and reinvigoration of community life is urgently needed. What was once a thriving, bustling retail street at the heart of the Rotherhithe community – is today a mostly shabby, somewhat down at heel thoroughfare with struggling shops.

The Old Rothehithe Library and Civic Centre assumes not only a pivotal position on the street, but is also intrinsic to regaining its former status as a desirable and useful place to visit, as a host for cultural / community activities, and to become a major player in realizing the area’s enormous arts, culture and visitor potential.

Southwark council are planning to demolish the old Library and Civic Centre in order to build a maximum of 20 homes on this site. However, this does not address a more crucial concern for the immediate vicinity, which is to bring life back to an otherwise neglected neighbourhood. Building affordable homes in London is paramount and the pressure the council faces in this respect is understandable, but would building social housing on this site contribute towards solving the main problems that the residents of Albion Street are currently facing? Would it make it a better street to live in and help the shops to thrive? Would it increase its footfall, necessary for its economic prosperity and development? Rather than see a both costly and inefficient demolition, we see more sense in working with what is a perfectly stable structure and bringing it immediately back to public function and value, whilst meeting the actual needs of the neighbours, as clearly outlined in the Café Conversations.


We ask the council that this proposal, which positively responds to the neighborhoods most urgent needs is given due consideration.

A proposal has been made, (please see link below) that provides the opportunity to see not only the building but also the whole street potentially transformed into a pioneering sustainable community neighbourhood; creating jobs, education, engagement with youth, and improving the appearance and perception of the area.


On reaching 500 signatures The issue will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting

This ePetition ran from 18/10/2013 to 18/11/2013 and has now finished.

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The petition requires 500 signatures to trigger a debate at a cabinet meeting.