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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
National non-domestic rates write offs over £5,000 and under £50,00001/02/2021For Determination  
Gateway 3 Contract variation - Thames Homecare up to 31 January 202201/03/2021For Determination  
Gateway 3 Contract variation - Profad Care Agency up to 31 January 202201/03/2021For Determination  
Gateway 1: Independent Advice Services Contract for residents participation fund01/03/2021For Determination  
GW2 contract award - refurbishment contract - homes for social rent01/03/2021For Determination  
GW2 contract award - construction of social rent homes at Sceaux Gardens01/03/2021For Determination  
JMB Office Site Project Grant Planning Milestone01/03/2021For Determination  
GW3 The Charter School East Dulwich Phase 2 - demolition contract variation for additional works01/03/2021For Determination  
Gateway 1 - Procurement Strategy Approval - Free Standing Advertising Units and Operations across the borough01/03/2021For Determination  
Implementation of Nunhead Controlled Parking Zone01/03/2021For Determination  
Gateway 2 Independent Advice Services Contract for residents participation fund01/03/2021For Determination  
VCS COVID-19 Prevention Grants Programme ref: 729925/02/202106/03/20210
Gateway 1 - Procurement Strategy Approval Facilities Management Contract Procurement for the operational estate25/02/2021For Determination  
Gateway 3 - Extension of the Mitie FM Ltd (Interserve) Facilities Management Contract25/02/2021For Determination  
Temporary Accommodation Policy and Action Plan25/02/2021For Determination  
Authorisation of debt write-offs of £5,000 up to £50,000 for the Adult Social Care Division24/02/2021For Determination  
Buying Ex Right To Buy properties to meet immediate housing need ref: 729822/02/202104/03/20210
Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme - Easter of Food and Fun grant recommendations23/02/2021For Determination  
GW2 Main Contract Award: Albion New Homes ref: 729416/02/202126/02/2021Call-in expired
Gateway 1 Procurement Strategy Leasehold Building Insurance01/12/2020Information Only  
Whateley Road Zebra Crossing ref: 729316/02/202125/02/2021Call-in expired
Gateway 2 approval to award the main works contract to deliver phase 2 of The Charter School East Dulwich01/02/2021For Determination  
Grant extension of Leonard Cheshire Disability and Southwark Disablement Association01/02/2021For Determination  
Determination of objections – amendments to Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Bermondsey (Zone G)01/02/2021For Determination  
Determination of objections - Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks Parking Zone01/02/2021For Determination  
Policy and Resources Strategy 2022-23 to 2024-25 update01/02/2021For Determination  
Tustin Estate Low Rise Delivery Programme01/02/2021For Determination  
GW2 Community Reablement Service01/02/2021For Determination  
Gateway 2: Contract award approval for Cossall Park Masterplan Phase One main contract30/12/2020For Determination  
GW2 John Harvard Library Heating, Cooling and Lighting works30/12/2020For Determination  
GW0 Children's Residential Provision30/12/2020For Determination  
Policy and Resources Strategy 2022-23 to 2024-25 update30/12/2020For Determination  
Policy and Resources Strategy: capital monitoring report, including capital programme update 2021-2230/12/2020For Determination  
Policy and Resources Strategy: revenue monitoring report, including treasury management 2021-2230/12/2020For Determination  
Gateway 0 Agency Contract Procurement30/12/2020For Determination  
Technology and Digital Strategy 2021 – 202330/12/2020For Determination  
Acquisition of land adjacent to the councils Old Kent Road site30/12/2020For Determination  
Air space temporary leasing arrangements at Southampton Way30/12/2020For Determination  
Gateway 0 - Strategic Options Assessment for a Southwark Construction Company30/12/2020For Determination  
Barnwell House, St Giles Road, Camberwell, London SE5 7RP– Disposal30/12/2020For Determination  
Gateway 3: Extension of genitourinary medicine services contracts (Guys & St Thomas' and Kings College Hospital)30/12/2020For Determination  
GW2 Contract award - Care at Home and in the Community for Adults01/12/2020For Determination  
Gateway 1 Procurement Strategy for Residential Care provision01/12/2020For Determination  
Resident Participation Fund 2021/2201/12/2020For Determination  
Acquisition of unregistered land on Old Kent Road using Compulsory Purchase Powers01/12/2020For Determination  
GW2 contract award - Construction of social rent homes at Heaton Road30/10/2020For Determination  
Treasury Management Performance - 2020-21 annual report and prudential indicators30/10/2020For Determination  
Policy and Resources Strategy: financial remit 2022-23 and scene setting30/10/2020For Determination  
Gateway 1: Tier 4 Drug and Alcohol Placements Dynamic Purchasing System01/10/2020For Determination  
Policy and Resources Strategy: revenue monitoring report outturn, including treasury management 2020-2101/10/2020For Determination  
Policy and Resources Strategy: capital monitoring report outturn 2020-2101/10/2020For Determination  
GW3 Quality Auditing of Mechanical Services01/09/2020For Determination  
Gateway 3 Contract variation Kirby Estate QHIP Major Works Housing and Asset Management01/09/2020For Determination  
GW2 Children's Centres 2021-2331/07/2020For Determination  
Gateway 1 Provision of Mental Health Homelessness Hostels31/07/2020For Determination  
GW3 Ledbury Estate - Fire wardens01/07/2020For Determination  
Asset Management Strategy - Refresh01/05/2020For Determination  
Greenhive and Rose Court Lift Replacement (Anchor Lifecycle Programme)01/04/2020For Determination  
Implementation of North-East Peckham Parking Zone T01/04/2020For Determination  
Homeowner Improvement Plan28/02/2020For Determination  
GW1 Targeted Short Breaks (new service)31/01/2020For Determination  
Gateway 2 - Contract Award Approval for main contractor works for Old Kent Road Petrol Station30/08/2019For Determination  
GW2 - Approval of the procurement of contractor services 66 Linden Grove01/04/2019For Determination  
Gateway 1: The Provision of Mental Health Supported Housing and Outreach Services01/03/2019For Determination  
GW2 Professional Technical Services01/06/2018For Determination