Issue - decisions

Adding Schemes to the New Homes Programme

23/12/2019 - Adding Schemes to the New Homes Programme

1.  That the schemes listed in paragraph 14 of the report and outlined individually below, be added to the New Homes Programme in accordance with the Charter of Principles and statutory consultation under Section 105 of the Housing Act 1985:


a)  Woodland Rd Estate grassed area

b)  Site Adjacent 55 – 77 Fenwick Road

c)  Kington Estate garage site 

d)  Old Peckham Library

e)  Leroy Street garages, Creasy Estate 

f)  Pynfolds Estate parking court

g)  Ann Moss Way, Ex NHS building

h)  Charles Mackenzie Estate garage site

i)  Eveline Lowe Estate garage site and parking area

j)  Longfield Estate, corner of Fort Road & Balaclava Road, by Dartford Houses

k)  Priory Court: Green space and garage site off Reynolds Road

l)  Vauban Estate: Car park site.


2.  That it be noted that further sites towards the New Homes Programme targets in on the Forward Plan for February 2020.