Issue - decisions

The Great Estates Guarantee

12/12/2018 - Southwark Great Estates Programme - Paper 1 - Agreeing the Vision and Approach



1.  That Southwark’s vision and approach for the Great Estates Programme as set out in Appendix 1 of the report be agreed, including the principal approach to ‘expand and enrich’ our council estates, while restating the terms and circumstances for any redevelopment proposal.


2.  That consultation be undertaken with residents to inform the development of the resident-centred estate improvement plans process and the Great Estate guarantee and commitments.


3.  That the process be started of drawing up terms of reference and establishing a Great Estates programme advisory group, made up of local residents and key stakeholders who have knowledge of estate management and regeneration.


4.  That officers be instructed to produce further cabinet reports in 2019 to feedback the results of the consultation; develop and launch the Great Estates guide detailing case studies and opportunities from across the borough of initiatives that improve the shared living environment of Southwark estates and bring estate communities together; agree the estate improvement plan process and pilot schemes; and a further report detailing the Great Estate guarantee and commitments.