Agenda item

Empowering Communities Programme - Devolved Budget Decisions and Communications Protocols




1.  That council assembly agreed the proposal of the creation of five area committees to take devolved budget decisions.


2.  That council assembly noted that the area committees will follow the Multi-ward boundaries and the rule will only apply to one round of Multi-ward meetings a year.


3.  That council assembly agreed the membership of the new area committees remain the same as the multi-wards’ and the relevant Community Champions act as Chairs for their respective multi-ward areas.


4.  That council assembly created the post of Deputy Community Champions for each of the multi-ward areas whose role will be to deputise in the absence of the Community Champions and act as Vice Chairs of the new area committees. The role will not attract a special responsibility allowance.


5.  That council assembly agreed the proposed communications guidance for promoting ward and multi-ward forum meetings.


6.  That council assembly noted that the proposed changes require changes to Article 8 and Part 3H of the Constitution and any other consequential constitutional changes.

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