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Redevelopment of the site involving the provision of a 7-storey building, with basement, incorporating the retention of the existing 3-storey warehouse, for B1(a) Office Use.  Together with associated landscaping, cycle parking and the demolition of an existing detached ancillary store building.


The committee heard the officers’ introduction to the report and addendum report. Councillors asked questions of the officers.


A number of objectors addressed the meeting. Members of the committee asked questions of the objectors.


The applicant’s agents addressed the committee, and answered questions from the committee.


There were no supporters who lived within 100 metres of the development site present at the meeting that wished to speak.


There were no ward councillors present at the meeting that wished to speak.


The committee put further questions to the officers and discussed the application.


A motion to grant the application with additional conditions was moved, seconded, put to the vote and declared carried.




1.  That planning permission is granted subject to conditions and the completion of a legal agreement.


2.  In the event that the legal agreement is not completed by 31 January 2019, that the Director of Planning be authorised to refuse planning permission for the reasons set out in paragraph 81 of this report.


3.  That a condition be added to confirm that a proposal for a repair/restoration of the interior and exterior of the existing warehouse be created.

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