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Overview & Scrutiny Committee

This page lists the meetings for Overview & Scrutiny Committee.


Information about Overview & Scrutiny Committee

The overview & scrutiny committee (OSC) is the main co-ordinating scrutiny body.  It appoints three scrutiny sub-committees and is responsible for their overall management:


·  Education & Children’s Services Scrutiny Sub-Committee

·  Healthy Communities Scrutiny Sub-Committee

·  Housing & Community Safety Scrutiny Sub-Committee


OSC examines and monitors the performance of services provided by the council and other agencies.  It can review the council's budget and policies and question cabinet members about how they are improving services.  OSC has specific responsibility for scrutinising matters in respect of the policy and budget framework, regeneration, human resources, customer access issues and the council’s equalities and diversity programmes.



Most scrutiny meetings are livestreamed.  The individual meeting recordings can be reached here on the meeting pages and they are all hosted at