Agenda and minutes

Health and Wellbeing Board
Monday 27 July 2020 2.00 pm

Venue: This will be a virtual meeting

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Welcome and Introductions












Appointment of Vice-Chair


    Nancy Kuchemann was nominated, seconded and appointed to the role of Vice-chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB).


    The chair thanked Jonty Heaversedge the previous vice-chair for his work on the HWB along with those members who had stepped down from the HWB since its last meeting in February 2020.


Covid-19 pandemic impact on Health Inequalities and Wellbeing

    ·  Presentation

    ·  Invitation to floor / community groups

    ·  Discussion and agree next steps

    Supporting documents:


    Chris Williamson and Sylvia Garry, from public health, presented the report included in the agenda pack. This was followed by questions.


    There was a discussion around the impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities and on young people and adults with learning difficulties and autism.


    3 members of the community spoke about their experiences:


    FikayomiAwolope, a student at UAE Southbank, explained what it had been like as a young person during the COVID pandemic and the impact on health and wellbeing.


    Felicia Bosharin, CEO of Central Southwark Community Hub, highlighted the work of the food banks providing food parcels during the pandemic to vulnerable residents.


    HajiaSaidatOketunde, Education Officer of Old Kent Road Mosque MANUK and Secretary of ASCO TRA spoke about working with the community hub to deliver food parcels to shielding and vulnerable in their community and what it meant to her mosque to be part of the response.


    The Board discussed the need to close the health inequalities gap that existed within Southwark. There was a huge opportunity through the council’s recovery plans to focus on the wider social economic determinants of health. It now seemed the right time to think about a strong health and equalities framework for the borough.


    The Board recognised the work that had been done in schools supporting key workers and vulnerable people.


    The importance of immunisation programmes was discussed. Vaccination rates had fallen during the pandemic. The second MMR vaccine had had a low uptake. A national influenza vaccine campaign was on its way and a COVID vaccination was being worked on. Vaccinations needed to be reflected in the strategy.


    The voluntary sector commented on its positive working relationship with various health partners during the pandemic and that the cooperation had been stronger during this period than in the years before.


    The Board agreed the following recommendations:




    1.  That the report and presentation on the Covid 19 pandemic impact on the health and wellbeing of Southwark’s population (Appendix 1) be noted.


    2.  That the health inequalities impact be noted and that officers be asked to develop a framework for tackling health inequalities to inform the refresh of the health and wellbeing strategy for Southwark.


    3.  That a report on the health inequalities framework be brought to the meeting in September.


Southwark's Outbreak Prevention and Control Plan (OPCP)

    ·  Presentation

    ·  Consider and note the Southwark dashboard

    ·  Consider and agree the OPCP

    Supporting documents:


    Kirsten Watters, from public health, presented the outbreak prevention and control plan included in the agenda pack. This was followed by questions.


    The Board discussed the issue of having sufficient data to make decisions on local lockdowns. London had a lot of testing / contacts data but other softer data such as 111 calls and admissions should be explored. Follow ups in Southwark were better than the rest of the country with 90% having completed the loop. Directors of public health across London were meeting weekly with other areas across the South East.


    Test trace and isolate was discussed. It was simple but some people don’t do it for lots of reasons. Southwark was looking at capacity and supporting testing locally. In addition to the communications plan there was community engagement work being done to link communities to testing and give people confidence to do the tests.


    Local lockdowns could be arranged quickly if needed but would be reviewed every seven days by Magistrates. The Government may also step in to impose more severe measures on the advice of Public Health England such as banning the use of public transport or reintroducing the March / April measures of people only being allowed out once per day for essential activities.


    The Board agreed the following recommendations:




    1.  That the Outbreak Prevention and Control Plan (OPCP) for Southwark - be noted.


    2.  That the member led oversight and public engagement functions as advised in national guidance and as described in paragraph 12 of the report be adopted.


    3.   It be agreed that the Health and Wellbeing Board meets every 6 – 8 weeks and that some flexibility will be required should there need to be additional meetings.


Engagement and communication plan

    Consider and note the engagement and communication plan

    Supporting documents:


    Louise Neilan, from communications, presented the draft engagement and communication plan included in the agenda pack. This was followed by questions.


    The template enabled the branding / logo to feature Southwark and the NHS which would be consistent with other areas.


    The Board discussed target groups including young people and single mothers. There was a focus on social distancing in parks whilst shops could focus on their specific message on masks. The messaging on masks needed to be clear and sensitive as there were some who could not wear them for medical reasons. Exempt lanyards / badges were available and these could be made more generally available to the public.


Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) Review Update

    Update on Review of HWB Board

    Supporting documents:


    Jin Lim presented the report included in the agenda pack.


    The Board briefly discussed the options going forward.




    1.   That the options for consideration emerging from the Health and Wellbeing Board review that commenced in February 2020 (Appendix 1) be noted. This review was paused in early March due to the pandemic.


    2.   That partners be requested to consider these options alongside the Health and Wellbeing Board’s additional oversight function for pandemic outbreak prevention and control.


    3.   That a final review report be brought back for agreement to the Health and Wellbeing Board in September setting out the refreshed Terms of Reference and relationship to Partnership Southwark and the Southwark Borough Based Board.


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