Community Forum, Peckham and Nunhead Community Council
Wednesday 14 November 2018 7.00 pm

Contact: Gill Kelly, Community Council Officer 

Note No. Item

7.00 am


Introduction and welcome


Police Update

7.26 pm
15 mins


Rye Lane closure update

7.10 pm
16 mins


Community announcements and presentations



8.45 pm


Public question time/Council Assembly Question

    This is an opportunity for public questions to be addressed to the chair.


    Residents or persons working in the borough may ask questions on any matter in relation to which the council has powers or duties, if specific knowledge is not available, responses may be supplied in writing following the meeting.


    In addition, a question of sufficient public interest to the local community council area, may be submitted by the community council to a council assembly. Only one question may be submitted, and must have been discussed,  considered and noted by the community council.


    Any question to be submitted from a community council to council assembly should first be the subject of discussion at a community council meeting. The subject matter and question should be clearly recorded and thereafter the agreed question can be

    referred to the constitutional team.


    The community council is also invited to consider if it wishes to submit a question to the ordinary meeting of council assembly on 28 November.


7.40 pm


Ward Group NsF workshops

    This is an opportunity for Neighbourhoods Fund applicants to meet their ward Councillors and discuss the projects for which they have applied for funding, it is also an opportunity for local people to find out about the projects and the groups that are actively making a difference in their wards.