Community Forum, Peckham and Nunhead Community Council
Wednesday 17 January 2018 7.30 pm

Contact: Gill Kelly, Community Engagement 

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Introduction and welcome


Apologies, dispensations & disclosure of interest


Community Council Decisions


Deputations/Petitions (If any)

    Residents of Kinsale Road - proposals to improve the safety of pupils going to and from the new school being built in Troy Town SE15 at the end of Kinsale Road. The school is due to open in February. We would like to explain our concerns regarding pupil safety with regard to safely accessing the school entrance and using the roads around the school and our suggestions for how we could improve this


Community announcements and presentations

Break - followed by the community council forum section

An opportunity for residents to talk to Councillors and Officers.


Theme introduction - Cabinet Member Cllr Maisie Anderson

Theme: Facing the Challenges of Health and Social Care


·  What are the challenges in Health and Social care provision - lifestyle choices, access to facilities etc?


·  The NHS perspective


·  Elderly care, ageing population, dementia, caring at a distance and post hospital care and accommodation.(representative from Southwark pensioners centre).


·  Fostering and Adoption


·  Corporate Parenting and Virtual School



·  Healthy food on a budget – a community challenge


Public question time

    This is an opportunity for public questions to be addressed to the chair.


    Residents or persons working in the borough may ask questions on any matter in relation to which the council has powers or duties.


    Responses may be supplied in writing following the meeting.


Community Council Question to Council Assembly

    Each community council may submit one question to a council assembly

    meeting that has previously been considered and noted by the community



    Any question to be submitted from a community council to council

    assembly should first be the subject of discussion at a community council

    meeting. The subject matter and question should be clearly noted in the

    community council’s minutes and thereafter the agreed question can be

    referred to the constitutional team.


    The community council is invited to consider if it wishes to submit a

    question to the ordinary meeting of council assembly in March 2018.